We start off where we left off last week - Colton walking the beach alone after the fight between Onyeka & Nicole. He didn't want to talk to any of the girls at that moment. Chris Harrison arrives and tells them that the rose ceremony will begin right away. It's pretty obvious that Colton decides … Continue reading


Drama in another Continent. Welcome to Singapore – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 4

Last week on The Bachelor -  The first group date was held in "Pirates Dinner Adventure". They learned how to be pirates. They had to fight with one another to "save" Colton. Caelynn won the competition as well as the group date rose. Elyse went on the One-On-One date. She and Colton had a theme … Continue reading Drama in another Continent. Welcome to Singapore – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 4

Colton’s 30 Girls

In a little bit less than one week Colton's Controversial Season will begin. And the talk about it is never ending, whether it be good or bad. But in this case, we'll talk about the good. If you are a die hard Bachelor fan, then you already have seen the facebook/twitter live edition where Chris … Continue reading Colton’s 30 Girls

Hometowns – Bachelor Ep. 8 Recap

This is the week everyone anticipates the most, next to the final rose ceremony. I mean, Arie meets 4 very different families, and the most difficult part is that he is falling in love with each of them. Maybe it's not the same exact feeling for each one, but he does have very strong feelings … Continue reading Hometowns – Bachelor Ep. 8 Recap

When in Tuscany — Bachelor Ep. 7 Recap

So many people would think that this season is about to get boring because Krystal is no longer there. But the truth is that last nights episode had so much going on. I was drawn in, and I didn't want to look away. Let's start from the top. There are only 7 girls left: Becca K., … Continue reading When in Tuscany — Bachelor Ep. 7 Recap