Friends? More like Fam♡

I was laying in bed on Wednesday morning thinking about how much my life has changed in a little over a year. And while yes, a lot of that has to do with the decisions I have made and my parents that support me in everything I do, much more of it is because of these people that I don’t only call friends but family.

Each and everyone of them have a very special place in my heart.

I normally don’t write appreciation posts, [because I rather show than tell], but I just have so much to say to each of them personally that I thought what better way then to tell them through this blog. This blog that they hear me talk so much about, and even if they don’t read every post, they support me 200% of the time.


Sabrina – (Little B.) ♡


Many people always wonder why I’m so close to my little sister. It’s as simple as this – she”s literally my best friend. We are 5 years apart and we don’t always agree on everything but that doesn’t mean that we don’t tell each other everything. She’s always been there for me, from when I was stuck in the hospital, to accompanying me on my crazy ideas, to just being there for me at all times. I am so grateful for her.

Abigail – (Abby)


My pretty girl that I love so so much. She literally does not have a filter when it comes to speaking the truth, but that is the main reason why I love her. We get each other, and I know for a fact that she’ll be there night & day, whatever time I need her. Our love for Starbucks, cupcakes & brownies brings us closer. She’s gonna be my boo today, tomorrow and always! xoxo Gossip Girl

Alvaro – (Drake) ♡


When I want someone to be on my side he is the person to call. Even though he knows I’m not, he always considers me as perfect and I love him for that. Such a genuine loving person who has an amazing heart. I know that lucky girl is out there for him, and once he finds her, I’m gonna make sure she appreciates him as much as he deserves because he is so deserving of that and more.

The triplets –

Izabella (Iza – Cutie Pie) ♡


We aren’t that close, but one things for sure – every single time we hang out we always have something to talk about and laughs are always involved. She’s a cutie pie and I love her so much!

Frankie (Charming) ♡


This guy right here is very special. Not only is he charming but he’s also extremely funny. I can talk all the crap I want and he’ll just be there to listen, laugh & not tell another soul. I’m not as obsessed with him as other people in the group, but he does mean a lot to me.

Alexa (LOML) ♡


She’s short like me but is spunky and witty. We understand each other so much and I know if I need to talk about anything she’ll always be there to listen to me. I appreciate her and her beauty so so much.

& Last but not least –

Tito (Brother from another) ♡


Now what can I say about him? If I am having a bad day all I have to do is turn to him and he’ll be there for me, not only to listen, but to make me laugh. There is never a dull moment with him. He’s a comedian with a great personality. He is that brother I have always wanted and I am so lucky to have met. I wake up every morning absolutely grateful to have met Tito.

With this not only do you get to know me a little better, but you get to meet the people who make my life a little better every day.





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