No Final Rose Ceremony? – The Bachelor Season 23 – Part 1 of Finale Recap

Last weeks episode was such a shocker.

I mean why would Cassie do this to us? I was actually emotionally invested in their relationship.

What really happened after Colton jumped the fence?

After what seemed like hours of searching, Chris Harrison and the crew finally caught up to Colton. He was completely distraught, not wanting to speak to anyone and wanting to end his season of The Bachelor. At that point, he told Chris that he wants to just cancel everything and go back to Colorado. Chris Harrison told him to just sleep on it.

When Colton woke up the next morning, he was still in Portugal and still heartbroken over Cassie’s departure. So when Chris Harrison visited him he told him exactly what I knew he would. He wants to fight for Cassie and that means saying goodbye to Hannah G. & Tayshia. Chris Harrison sort of tried to talk him out of it, stating that there is a possibility that Cassie would just break his heart again. Colton didn’t care, he wanted to fight for the only woman he loves; he knows in his heart of hearts that he cannot love more than 1 woman.


And that’s where everyone takes a trip to Tayshia’s hotel room. Tayshia opens the door and I could see sudden shock on her face. She did not expect to see Colton and him visiting her could not be a good thing. He really didn’t know how to tell her, all he could say was that he was in love with Cassie. Although Tayshia seemed composed and even tried to console him, you could definitely tell that she was not happy about this. She was so in love with Colton.


Breaking up with Hannah G. was not any easier. To me it seemed like she was more in love with Colton than any other girl. She just couldn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth because she honestly thought that at the end of all of this it would have been them getting engaged. Hannah was actually ready to move to where ever he wanted to but all of that was torn down in just a matter of seconds.


Now we head back to the live set in which Colton sat down with Tayshia & Hannah individually. In this way, everyone receives the proper closure.


It was kind of hard to watch, but in the end Colton did his best to explain to each of them that no matter what happened, he was still in love with Cassie. She was the one for him and unfortunately, his heart does not have space for more than one person. Both of the women were very poise and understanding to say the least.

After so many breakups and tears you would think this episode would end in a happy ending. Well I was SO wrong!

This episode ended in a cliffhanger –

Colton knocked on Cassie’s hotel room to talk to her one last time and –


BOOM – the episode ended.

O M G! What’s gonna happen next?

Luckily I’m not the T.V., you won’t have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Click here to read my next post.





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