Happy endings? – The Bachelor Season 23 – Part 2 of Finale Recap

Where did I leave off?

Ah yes! Colton was knocking on Cassie’s hotel room door to talk one more time.


She opened up the door and was sort of in shock but at the same time I feel like she was expecting his visit.

They went outside to talk and Colton asked for another opportunity to take things day by day. His parents are waiting to meet her in Mallorca Spain and he would love nothing more for them to meet the woman he is madly in love with. Cassie was not hesitant at all, she accepted and they both went on a plane to meet Colton’s family.

Before Cassie officially met the fam, Colton spoke to them and explained to them everything that had already happened with Cassie. Something they did not expect on top of the fact that she was the only one left. That is basically the main reason Cassie was so nervous to talk to them.

Colton’s parents grilled her. They asked the right questions and tried to dig a little deeper in Cassie’s feelings. They want to know what her feelings for Colton are right now. Will she plan on leaving Colton again? Luckily she was able to answer with confidence and basically told them that she loves him but wants to make sure if it’s real, if it’s true.

Before anything can be said and done they need their fantasy suite date, because they unfortunately didn’t have it last week.

Colton took Cassie to the mountains where they rappelled down to where Colton had a picnic set up. They had time to be alone and talk about their feelings. By the time dinner came around Cassie was able to tell Colton that she was all in, so in that before Colton could finish a sentence, she accepted the fantasy suite. When morning came around, I am so happy to say, Cassie realized that she just couldn’t end this journey without Colton.

It has been about 4 months since they filmed their last date and Colton & Cassie are still together and happier than ever. They were able to show us on After the Final Rose. They are not engaged just yet, but Colton said that there will be an engagement in the near future.


From day 1 I had a feeling it would have been Cassie and I’m so happy it was. Colton did a wonderful job as The Bachelor so now it’s time to give the torch to our next Bachelorette which will be……

Hannah B.


Or like I like to call her – Hannah Beast (she’s looking for a fierce type of love).




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