Fantasy Suites – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 9 Recap

I’m going to try to recap last weeks episode in a short summary.

Colton visited Caelynn, Hannah G., Tayshia & Cassie’s lovely families. The families seemed to like him a lot. However, He only received 3 blessings from Caelynn, Hannah & Tayshia’s fathers. From those 3 women he also received an I love you. As for Cassie, he didn’t get her father’s blessing and she still isn’t 100% on her feelings towards Colton. Even after all of this Colton kept Cassie and sent Caelynn home. 

At the beginning of this episode, Colton talks to Chris Harrison about what he thinks will be happening on the next few dates in Algarve, Portugal! 

His first date is with –



They go on a beautiful helicopter ride, and talked about her hometown visit. Everything pretty positive so far.

During dinner, she opened up a little more. Tayshia told Colton that the reason her marriage ended was because he cheated on her. Wow. It’s ridiculous how common cheating is now a days. But Colton did tell her that if he chooses her, he would never do the same.

Colton was nervous to give his first Fantasy Suite Date Card, but there was no need, Tayshia accepted immediately.

Upon waking up, we could tell that nothing really intimate happened, but they did seem closer than ever. Everyone should know by now that Colton likes to take things very slow. So not being intimate was probably premeditated.


Now we move onto the next date for this week with….



They spent the day touring and shopping around.

When they finally got that time to sit and talk about hometowns, Colton told her that he didn’t get her father’s approval. This completely changed Cassie’s mood. More confusion set in.

Before dinner, they went their separate ways to get ready for dinner – and this is where I feel like things go sour.

Cassie’s dad decided to show up to her hotel room in Portugal. What a shocker! Or is it really?

We always know that drama tends to happen even more when there are just 3 girls left. Colton has a very special connection with Cassie and as we all know he is falling in love with her but she is not 100% sure if she more than just likes him.

Which brings us to why her father decided to take a trip all the way to Europe. He feels as if Cassie is not sure about her relationship with Colton and she really needs to think about it before she decides to spend the night with him.

At the end of this conversation, Cassie realized that she had to leave that same day.

She does have strong feelings for him but not enough to stay overnight and then get engaged to him in a few short weeks. I really thought Cassie could have been the one, but I guess I was so, so, SO wrong.

Their evening started out really good. Colton was excited to show Cassie how much she means to him, but she obviously told him that her father showed up.

The mood shifted immediately.

Cassie told Colton that she didn’t want to continue their relationship because she wanted him to get what he really wanted which is an engagement at the end of all of this. Colton surprised all of us when he said that it didn’t matter to him because he was so in love with Cassie that they don’t need to get engaged right now. If she needs more time, he’ll give it to her.

That, however, still didn’t matter. Cassie for some reason still needed to go.

After Cassie rode off, Colton became upset, over sad. I really don’t know what was going through his mind at the moment. He walked away, jumped a fence and no one was able to find him, not even Chris Harrison.

In my opinion, the finale is looking pretty nonexistent. Will Colton go after Cassie? Will he say goodbye to both girls? Will he choose one of them instead? Will he just end up alone?

The possibilities are endless. 





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