Hometowns – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 8 Recap

I feel like it was just yesterday when we were watching 30 women arrive at a mansion to meet the first virgin Bachelor.

Here we are 8 weeks later with just 4 women left and Colton biting his nails because he’s about to meet 4 very different families.

How do you think this will go? Will he get all of their blessings? Will he finally jump the fence?

Keep reading to find out…..

First stop is –


Caelynn’s Hometown 


Her date was a bit more simple than the rest. She took him on a tour of the town in a carriage. It is an absolute beauty of a town. I will definitely be visiting soon.




Ice cream and tours are fun, but now it’s time to do what he really came to do and that’s meet Caelynn’s family which includes her stepdad John.


Caelynn’s sister Ariana, was obviously very skeptical, as were her mother and John. Caelynn was able to explain, as best as she could, exactly how she felt towards her Colton. And after everything was said and done, John gave him Caelynn’s hand in marriage.

By the end of the night, Caelynn was able to confidently say that she is falling in love with him. He answered with a kiss.




Now we’re off to the home of To Kill A Mockingbird


Hannah G.’s Hometown 


Before Colton meets Hannah’s family, he needs to be a perfect southern gentleman. That’s why he is going to take an etiquette class. It was pretty funny to watch him figuratively jump over hoops. After the laughs and what not, the etiquette teacher told Colton that the most important thing is that he be himself.



When talking to her mother, Beth, Hannah told her that she is falling in love with Colton and she hopes nothing more to be the last one standing at the end. He could be the one for her. Beth told her to just go and get it. She’s completely down for it if it makes Hannah happy.

Colton expressed himself as best he could to her father. Hannah feels like home to him. He could see himself at the end with Hannah. When Colton asked for her father’s permission, there was some doubt, but if things continue this way, he has his blessing.

At the end of the night, Hannah told Colton that she is falling in love with him, and he told her that he’s feeling the same way.



Next stop –


Tayshia’s Hometown 


Why would she blindfold him? Trust exercise?  Don’t believe it.

She drove him to an airfield to skydive. O M G!

Before they jumped, Colton said a little prayer and it goes as follows: “God, please let me survive this fall. I still have to lose my virginity. I don’t know what I’m missing yet, but I heard it’s really good. Amen.”

After the prayer, they did the unthinkable, they jumped out of the plane!



The skydiving is nothing compared to meeting Tayshia’s dad and the rest of her family. They are all obviously concerned due to the fact that she does have an ex-husband. Guards are definitely up.

Colton spoke to her dad Desmond, and asked for her hand in marriage. He declined. Something that shook everyone that was watching.

But things changed after Tayshia spoke to her dad. She wants to be with Colton and she wants to marry him, she loves him. After this, Desmond happily gave him his blessing.



The last stop is for a definite fan favorite –


Cassie’s Hometown 


It’s time for Colton to learn how to surf by a person who has never taught surfing in her life, but it’s all good. They had a lot of fun, and Cassie is an amazing surfer. Colton on the other hand, should never try surfing again. I new he had to be bad at something.


This family I was a little worried about, I’m not sure that they will completely approve this relationship.

Cassie talked to her sister and she told her that she wants her to be with someone who makes her happy. After this, Cassie talks to her father Matt. He is not really accepting of this process. She tried to defend her relationship with Colton. She is falling for him and does see the possibility of marrying Colton in the future.

Let’s not make this any longer – in the end, Matt does not give Colton his blessing.

Can this affect her not getting a rose? That and the fact that Cassie has yet to tell Colton exactly how she’s feeling towards him.


After what I’m sure seemed like the longest week for Colton, they finally head back to L.A. for a short rose ceremony. Only 1 girl will be going home and the remaining 3 will be getting on a plane for overnight/fantasy suites dates.


Unfortunately, in my opinion, Colton made the wrong decision in whom he sent home, which was……..



In other words, this just sucks. I really liked her, but maybe it was for the best.

Next week we get really lucky and here’s why –

We will have 2 days of The Bachelor. On Monday Colton will finally be jumping the fence! On Tuesday will be the most anticipated episode next to the finale – The Women Tell All. And boy these women are going to be telling all.







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