Red Flags – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 7 Recap

This is the week right before Hometowns.

I can’t believe this journey has gone by so incredibly fast. The most important question at this point, is whose family will Colton be meeting?

They arrive to Denver, and everyone is having doubts because of everything that happened in Thailand.

As soon as Colton lands, he stops to get a bite to eat with one of my favorite people!

Ben Higgins


Our 20th Bachelor.

After their conversation, Colton feels better. He heard exactly what he needed to hear to move forward on this crucial week.


Since all of the girls have already receives one-on-one dates who will receive the first one this week?

Before the first date, Colton meets the girls in a park with his dog. He explains to them how this week will go. There will be roses on each date and no rose ceremony since this is such an important week.


With that, he decided to take the first girl on the date (without a date card). & that lucky lady is —



I’m getting bad vibes from this one.

During their date, they tour with his dog and eat.

While they stop to sit & talk, Tayshia tells Colton that Caelynn & Cassie have been talking about being the next Bachelorette, and that they aren’t ready to get engaged. This obviously raises a lot of red flags, but he still wants to enjoy the rest of the date with Tayshia, so he decides to try and put this out of his mind.

At night, they go to his apartment to cook dinner and talk about her family and how she believes they feel about her being on this journey.

Colton does let her know that he will not be able to propose to anyone if he doesn’t have their fathers blessing.

Even though I am not a fan of what happens next – Tayshia receives the first hometown rose.

Caelynn receives the next date.


The date card read: “Meet me in the Rockies.”

They have a lot of fun snowboarding but everyone knows that fun isn’t going to last forever.

Colton brings up the conversation he had with Tayshia the night before.

This blindsided Caelynn but she told him the truth. She is here for him and she never even considered being the Bachelorette. Does Colton believe her or Tayshia?

It is more than obvious that dinner would start out a bit awkward.

I mean what else can you say after everything that has been happening. Doubts continue to circle around, and everyone is getting into their own heads a little too much.

Then Caelynn told him exactly how she was feeling. Since night one she knew that he could possibly be the one, and it scares her to even think that she could lose him because she is falling in love with him.

Colton definitely reciprocated those feelings when he gave her a hometown rose.

The 3rd and last one-on-one date is for –

Hannah B.


The date card read: “Home is where the heart is.

Colton takes her to meet his family.

His father told him to follow his gut and everything will be fine. It seems like Colton is having doubts in regards to Hannah B.

What’s gonna happen during dinner? I can answer that question for you right away –

Hannah once again tells him that she is in love with him. Unfortunately Colton isn’t there yet, and he doesn’t think that he’s going to get there anytime soon.

Colton sends her home.

While Colton is on his date with Hannah, Caelynn confronts Tayshia about what she told Colton. She really couldn’t defend herself and got very defensive. She was lying through her teeth. He needs to take back the rose and send Pinocchio home.


The girls that go on the group date are –

Hannah G., Cassie, Kirpa & Heather

The date card read: “Saying goodbye is never easy.

Since Colton sent Hannah B. home he has 2 roses that he needs to hand out. I’m already hoping for 2 of my faves to get hometowns.


Colton picks up the girls in a train and sight-see the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Even though they’re surrounded by beauty, Colton still cannot help but think about his concerns and who he will be giving the roses to.

Heather talks to Colton first. She told him that she isn’t confident about him meeting her family so she basically sends herself home.

When Colton talks to Cassie, he tells her about the whole Tayshia thing and how it concerned her too. She was in complete and utter shock. The only thing that she can say is that it’s not true and she is there for Colton. She wouldn’t want to bring him home if this wasn’t real to her.

So it seems like Kirpa is another instigator. She tells Colton that Cassie is not ready. When talking to him it sounded like she was going to be giving a presentation as to why the other girls aren’t ready and why she should receive the rose. She just needs to leave. I’m done with her. Was she even there on night one?

Colton still doesn’t know what he wants to do with the roses. He wants to have more conversations and receive more clarity during dinner.

He finally gets to talk to Hannah G. and she receives the 3rd hometown date rose.


After his conversation with Kirpa, Caelynn shows up to talk to Colton. She wants to let him know the truth. Kirpa and Tayshia are basically both liars.

With that Cassie receives the last hometown rose.


Buh Bye Kirpa!


So the final 4 are –

Tayshia, Caelynn, Hannah G. & Cassie.

Hometowns are finally next week and I am just as excited to see where these 4 girls grew up.

Who do you think will make it to overnights? Who will the final 2 be? Who will receive the final rose?




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