Vietnams drama may had been worse – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 6 Recap

We start off where we left off last week –

Colton walking the beach alone after the fight between Onyeka & Nicole. He didn’t want to talk to any of the girls at that moment.

Chris Harrison arrives and tells them that the rose ceremony will begin right away.

It’s pretty obvious that Colton decides to send Onyeka & Nicole home.

After all of the drama that went down in Thailand it’s time to move on. Vietnam here they come!


The first date in Vietnam goes to –

Hannah G.


The date card read: “We really need this date.

They have a full spa day – Massage, Sea Weed Wraps & Facials. It’s basically a perfect date.

During dinner, Hannah opens up so much. She tells him about her parents divorce and how much it affected her. They bonded over that and he told her that he is always going to be there for her. It was so easy for him to decide in giving Hannah the rose.

The girls going on the group date this week are:

Demi, Caelynn, Hannah B., Sydney, Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, & Katie

The date card read: “Are you ready to fight for love?

The girls learn the art of Vovinam.

After their training, they all have to fight one another. And it doesn’t really look like fighting, but they try their best.

Demi decides to take out all of her frustration on her fight with Katie. It was definitely intense.

The after party was just insane.

Tayshia tells him that she’s having some doubts, but Colton comforts her by telling her the way he feels when he’s around her. Katie is scared and cries during her conversation with Colton. She doesn’t want him to think that she’s not trying because she really is.

During all of his conversations, Sydney is having a lot of doubts. She feels like maybe she doesn’t belong.

She finally gets that time to talk to Colton.

But even after their conversation, she still feels this wall. They may not be connecting as much as she would like.

She tells Colton that she needs a lot more from him. In her opinion, he is making a lot of easy choices in regards to the girls he is choosing to pursue.

Sydney doesn’t feel like they can get there, so she decides to go home immediately. It did hurt Colton but he respects and understands her decision.

Before she left, she told him one more thing – not all of the girls are here for the right reasons. Maybe Colton will take that into consideration.

Colton gives the group date rose to Tayshia.



Is the lucky lady to get the last one-on-one date of the week.

She’s a little scared because they have had a slower start than other relationships.

They do have a conversation and Colton does want to get to know her more.

Scuba diving is something I’ve always wanted to do, so to me this date was perfection.

During dinner, Kirpa talks to him about her ex-fiance, and how their relationship was. Colton feels safe when he’s with her so Kirpa definitely receives that rose.

Right after Colton drops off Kirpa, Demi pays him a visit. She wants to take Colton’s virginity ASAP.

She opens up to Colton and tells him that she now knows she is falling in love with him. Colton tells Demi that he continues to make him feel special, but he may not feel the exact same way as she does. He cannot reciprocate those feelings. It’s just best to send her home right now.

I really hated seeing Demi go, but it was probably in her & Colton’s best interest.

So IMO this week/episode flew by. The cocktail party arrived a lot sooner than I anticipated.

The girls really want the time to talk to Colton and explain how they have been feeling this past week. That’s when Chris Harrison arrives to tell the women that the cocktail party has been cancelled and they will be moving on to the rose ceremony.


What a disappointment!

& with that – Katie was sent home on the 6th week of their journey.


Moving forward, things are going to get a lot more dramatic.

Where will they go next? Who’s getting a hometown date?




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