Finally been kissed – The Bachelor Season 23 – Episode 5 Recap

The girls arrive to Thailand. So romantic & beautiful.


And with that the first date card arrives. A one-on-one date for –



The date card read: “Let’s experience something new.

A ride on a Thai boat? I mean um hello yes!

They rode the boat and went into town to do a bit of shopping.

To tell you the truth, things were a bit awkward during the day portion of the date. They barely spoke. I’m sorry but at this point, I would have sent her home.

At night things got a little better. They finally spoke during dinner.

Heather told him about her past relationships. Her last relationship lasted 8 months and the guy didn’t try to kiss her once. Because of this Colton has some concerns because kissing is a very important part of a relationship.

Colton then told her that he realizes how special she is and that he knows she is not taking any of this lightly. So he ends up giving her a rose, and after the fireworks, he gives Heather her first kiss.

While all of this was going on, Elyse started having doubts towards their relationship and towards her feelings towards Colton.

Heather was coming in from her date, and Elyse was walking to Colton’s hotel room.

Elyse wants it all, she wants Colton to give her all of his attention and that is impossible. He has 13 girls left. She said that she cannot accept his proposal after sharing his time with other women. With that, Elyse decides to go home, breaking not only his heart, her own as well.

This totally sucks considering there will be 10 girls waking up the next day to go on a group date with him. Will he give these 10 girls his all? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The 10 girls going on the group date are…..

Katie, Caelynn, Demi, Hannah B., Sydney, Tayshia, Kirpa, Onyeka, Nicole & Hannah G.


The date card read: “Will our love survive?

Jungle dates are something very interesting.

The girls meet Jungle Joe, who is going to teach them how to survive in the jungle. They eat bugs, learn how to find food, found eels, touched scorpions, and hold snakes. O M G – these women are fierce and fearless.

Now Joe splits them into 3 teams to find food, water and learn how to survive in the jungle.

Demi thought a little out side of the box, so she took her team, which consisted of both Hannah’s – and they went into town. Her motto is think smarter not harder.

Meanwhile, Tayshia took Colton aside and started kissing Colton, Nicole saw them and got super jealous.

These dates are getting more dramatic each and every day.

At the after party, Tayshia pulls him first. They finally get actual time with each other. Hannah B. confesses to Colton that she is really falling in love with him.

But then of course the drama has to come in and Onyeka brought it that night. Supposedly, Elyse told Onyeka that Nicole was not there for the right reasons. Onyeka told Colton and he had a confrontation with Nicole in regards to this. Tayshia defended her because she was there for the entire conversation and Nicole didn’t say anything to that extent. But they couldn’t continue talking to him, because he had to give the group date rose to Hannah B.

The last one-on-one date goes to



The date card read: “I’m looking for a love deeper than the sea.

They go on a beautiful boat ride and spend their day out on sea. He surprises Cassie by taking her to a private island in the middle of the ocean where they will literally spend the entire day kissing, swimming & having a lot of fun.

During dinner they had a tough conversation about virginity and what not, but that only brought them closer. Colton is absolutely crazy about her, which is why he gave her the rose. Then took her to his hotel room to lay in bed and unplanned time together.

The cocktail party before the rose ceremony is so drama free — ha ha I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.


The fight between Onyeka & Nicole basically took over the entire night. They started fighting so loud that Colton had to interfere. And boy, that did not go so well.

Nicole & Onyeka didn’t let Colton speak, and he ended up getting up and wanting some alone time. He needed to think this over.

So much drams going on, this episode had to end with a to be continued….

What do you think will happen next week? Who will go home? Where will they go next?










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