Drama in another Continent. Welcome to Singapore – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 4

Last week on The Bachelor – 

The first group date was held in “Pirates Dinner Adventure”. They learned how to be pirates. They had to fight with one another to “save” Colton. Caelynn won the competition as well as the group date rose.

Elyse went on the One-On-One date. She and Colton had a theme park all to themselves, and they invited kids that unfortunately were sick and have never been to a theme park before. At night they danced while Tenille Arts sang to them. Elyse got the rose. 

The last group date was fun. The girls met Terry Crews & his wife Rebecca. They then had to compete to see who was the strongest woman. Onyeka won the competition but Nicole received the group date rose. During the date Colton sent Caitlin home because he just wasn’t feeling it. 

They didn’t have a cocktail party, but they did have a pool party. Hannah & Caelynn kept talking crap to Colton about one another and that confused him a lot, but not enough to send either of them home. 

3 girls were sent home last week. 


Has anyone ever been to Singapore?

Well that really doesn’t matter because Colton and the remaining 15 ladies are heading that way this week.

Now is when the one-on-one dates become more, and the group dates become less. This is exciting to me because we actually get to know the girls and everyone starts choosing their favorites.

Let’s get started –

After they arrive to Singapore, the first date card arrives to the hotel room.

& the first one-on-one date goes to –



The date card read: “Let’s fall in love.”

He picks her up and they go to the beach. What are they gonna do? Something with waterfalls? Maybe – Ha Ha Just Kidding.

They are going Bungee Jumping and they are both afraid of heights. O M G! Just looking at the T.V. made me weak in the knees. I don’t know how or why, but they did it, and they survived. I still can’t even!

Well now that that’s over, the fun part starts. Picnic by the beach is what The Bachelor is really about it.


For dinner, Tayshia has something really important to talk about with him.

She is divorced. Married her first boyfriend and she fought so hard to be with him and save their relationship, but if it’s not mutual then it will not work out. She did what was best for her & Colton was very understanding about it.


Colton gave Tayshia the rose. I mean who wouldn’t?

The only group date this week is for the following women – Demi, Hannah G., Elyse, Kirpa, Sydney, Onyeka, Heather, Tracy, Nicole, Courtney, Katie, Cassie & Hannah B. 

The date card read: “Let’s get a taste of Singapore.

They meet up with Colton in town to shop around. As their walking, Demi tries to get as much attention from Colton as possible. She jumps on his back and tries to get him to be with her and only her. This really bothers the girls. But anyways, they get their fortune read, their skin sucked by leeches and they eat bullfrog – eek.


During the after party, Hannah B. stole him first to talk about the whole Caelynn situation. He told her that as long as her problems with Caelynn doesn’t affect his relationship with either one then he is okay that they may never see eye to eye, which calmed her down a lot.

Demi spoke to him about her mom being in jail and he completely understood. She felt so good about her conversation with him.

As he’s having conversations with the girls, Courtney gets into her head and keeps talking about how nervous she is and blah blah blah. Demi tells her that she needs to relax, and just get up and go to talk to him. I’m not even gonna get to into it because Courtney pisses me off. She needs to get up and go get it, stop laying around and fight for what you want.


Courtney definitely feels dumb after Demi receives the group date rose. She should have gone to talk to him.

& The lucky girl to get the one-on-one date is –



The date card read: “I’ve been waiting for this day for so long, meet me downstairs.

And Hannah B. was especially not happy about this.


He basically took her shopping all day. A date all the girls wanted. Not only because of the shopping, but also because it was an entire day in Singapore alone with Colton.

The dress she wore to dinner was amazing, but the conversation they had was a little difficult on her end.

Caelynn told Colton that she was raped almost 4 years ago. It was something that not only stunned Colton but us as well. After this, it made me see her as a stronger woman and I appreciate her so much more, and so did Colton.

With that, he gave her a rose and their connection grew stronger.

This cocktail party is crucial one because who knows whose being sent home.


Caelynn decides to pull Hannah B. aside to sort of hash things out. Apologies were handed out and they decided to be amicable, not best friends, but cordial and supportive towards one another.

Demi tells Colton that Courtney is like the cancer of the group. O M G (did I say this enough tonight?) and right at that moment Courtney interrupts them. She sort of complains to Colton about the other night. Colton told Courtney everything that Demi said about her, and boy she was in shock. She attacked Demi’s character, age and reasons for being there. She told him that Demi is only there to win, she’s not there for him. Colton is definitely confused after all of this.

Let’s see how this pans out in the rose ceremony –

Colton sent Tracy & Courtney home.

So who did he really believe?

Where will they go next? Who will get dates? Who gets sent home?

Next week may be even more dramatic.




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