Battle of the Beauty Queens – The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3 Recap

Hey guys!

Another week has come and gone, and with that so has a bunch of dates.

But before we talk about the drama that was held this week – let’s recap last week.


Last week on The Bachelor –

The girls moved into the mansion and the dates started. 

The first date was a group date in which they met Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally. They talked about their first moments in front of an audience. Demi got under everyone’s skin when she kissed Colton in front of the girls and live audience. She fought with Tracy, but all of her efforts really didn’t matter because Elyse received the group date rose. 

Colton had a one-one-one with Hannah B. It was really awkward at first because she was just nervous, but at dinner she opened up, and Colton decided to give her a rose. 

On the second group date, the girls attended “Summer Camp”, and they were split into 2 teams. The winning team got to stay overnight with Colton and the loosing team went back to the mansion. Heather told Colton that she’s never been kissed and she received the group date rose. 

At the cocktail party, Demi & Tracy fought some more. Colton sent home 4 women.


Now week 3 had a lot more drama than anticipated.

The girls woke up with a lot on their mind. They were just ready to get the next week started, and spend a lot more time with Colton.


Chris Harrison visits the girls to drop off the first date card of the week, and it’s obviously a group date for the following girls;

Caelynn, Hannah B., Heather, Katie, Courtney, Kirpa, Tracy & Demi 

The date card read: “I’m looking for life’s greatest treasure.

The lovely ladies meet up with Colton at “Pirate’s Dinner Adventure”. When they get inside, Colton is on a boat citing some lines for them and waiting to have a lot of fun. The girls have to learn how to be pirates and then fight for Colton’s heart.

After a lot of fighting, Tracy & Caelynn had to face each other. In the end, Caelynn won Colton’s heart much to Hannah’s dismay.

I really don’t know why these girls would prefer to talk to each other over Colton at their gatherings. 

At the after party :

Demi and Tracy fought again about their ages and other irrelevant things.

Hannah B. talked to Heather about how much she hates Caelynn. She couldn’t hold in her hate anymore and went to talk to Colton about how “fake” Caelynn is.

Wrong move, Hannah B. Wrong move. 

Living with doubt is such a horrible thing. That’s why Colton decided to talk to Caelynn in regards to his conversation with Hannah.

And I am so sorry, but it ended up back firing, because Colton gave Caelynn the group date rose.

Now it’s time for the one-on-one date which is lucky enough to go to –



The date card read: “Love is in the air.

Colton took Elyse to a theme park in San Diego. Their date wasn’t just a regular one-on-one date, it was actually a “group date” per-say.

Out of no where a bunch of children ran towards Elyse and Colton. They were kids that have illnesses and have never been to a park much less a theme park. Everyone ran, road roller coasters, played carnival games and ate a lot of food. It was the best time anyone could possibly have.

But every couple needs their alone time – Elyse & Colton are not the exception.

At dinner, Elyse finally explains to Colton what makes her who she is, and this made him fall for her even more. And yes, she did receive the rose. But the date was not over yet – Colton took her to what seemed like a private concert filled with fans. They danced while Tenille Arts sang to them.

The last date of the week is not only another group date, but another active date for :

Nicole, Onyeka, Catherine, Cassie, Caitlin, Tayshia, Nina & Sydney 

The date card read: “For every strong man, there’s an even stronger woman.

Colton exercising, sweating without a shirt on? Any girls dream, and these lucky ladies were able to live it.

The girls and Colton had the pleasure of meeting Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca Crews. They trained the girls to have a compete in the “Bachelor’s Strongest Woman.” Let us see who is strong enough.

A lot of the girls tried to show off as much as possible, and poor Nicole couldn’t move a thing. After muscles being shown, women competing and a crowd cheering, Onyeka won the competition. Does this mean she gets the rose?

At the after party, a lot of conversations were had with Colton, but there was one that stuck out, and that was Colton’s conversation with Caitlin. And I say stuck out because he had to do something before he continued his evening. He realized that Caitlin and him didn’t really have much in common or a connection for that matter. So before their relationship furthered, it was best to just send her home. Boy was everyone surprised! I thought she was going to be at least top 7.

This didn’t stop Colton from giving the group date rose to Nicole. He wanted to keep her for another week because there’s just something there.

This week was a tiring one. Hannah B. & Caelynn’s feud, playing with children in a theme park, sending Caitlin home. I mean I was so excited when Chris Harrison announced that instead of their usual cocktail party, they were going to be having a pool party! 

But you know that of course there was going to be some drama. This one involved Hannah B. & Caelynn again – The Battle of the Beauty Queens.

Caelynn finished her conversation with Colton and threw more dirt on Hannah. Hannah spoke to Heather and Heather instigated things some more so Hannah spoke with Colton again about Caelynn. By the end of the party, Colton was so confused, he didn’t know who he was going to be sending home in the rose ceremony, even though Caelynn already received a rose earlier this week.

Nerves crept in at the Rose Ceremony. Hannah B. received the last rose. This week he sent Catherine, Nina & Bri home. Paradise maybe?

Any who —

Apparently we take a trip to Singapore next week! How do you think that will go?






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