Demi, Awkward Conversations & Summer Camp – The Bachelor Season 23 – Episode 2 Recap

On January 7, 2019, The Bachelor Season 23 premiered, and that was the start of what is going to be a crazy season.

So Before we get into what happened on week 2, let’s discuss a little of what happened on the first week.

Let’s recap it… 

Colton met the 30 women – who more than anything – want to vie for this virgin’s heart. 

Most memorable entrances? 

Cassie who brought a box with butterflies for Colton. (He saved one of the butterflies btw). 

Caitlin and her cherry balloon that she popped in front of Colton, stating that she was the one to pop his cherry. 

Alex. D otherwise known as The Sloth. (Yeah, I’m pretty sure everyone remembers her.)

Tracy arrived in a police car. According to her, she was the fashion police for the evening. 

Hannah G., who brought an empty box and told Colton that she brought him his favorite brand of underwear. (Yes, nothing) 

Catherine, she decided to give her dog Lucy to Colton until her journey ends. How long will that be? We’ll just have to keep on watching to find out. 

After Colton met all 30 women, he went inside and made THE speech.

The girls finally get to talk to Colton one on one. There was stealing involved ,(obviously), and kissing. From what I remember, he is the first Bachelor to kiss 3 women on night one.

And the 3 lucky women are – Caelynn, Katie & Hannah G. 

Hannah G. received the first impression rose, and 7 women went home. 

That was pretty much everything that should be known from Episode/Week 1. 


Now let’s get onto Week 2.

The women arrive to the mansion.

Chris Harrison makes a visit, and gives the rules that everyone should already know by memory.


Do the girls really want to listen to this? Not really. All they really want is a date card, which Chris Harrison left right before he left.


The girls that went on the first group date of the season are:

Tracy, Demi, Hannah G., Bri, Elyse, Nicole, Onyeka & Catherine.

The date card read: ” You never forget your first date.”

This date was a little weird.

Colton and the girls walk into a theater where they meet Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) and his wife Megan Mullally (Will & Grace). The reason for this meeting was because the girls are going to have to go up on stage and tell a crowd of random people stories of their first time doing anything.


To make things a little more comfortable, (or awkward), Jeff and Megan decided to share some disturbing stories. But this made the girls feel better which is why they began writing right away, and didn’t have trouble coming up with things to say.

The girls spoke. Some stories were boring, others funny. And of course, there is always that one girl that gets under everyone’s skin. On this day it was Demi. Her story was about her wanting to kiss Colton on night one, but not being able to. Then she walked off stage, grabbed Colton, and kissed him right in front of the audience and the girls.



You should know by now that the drama is not even close to ending on that night.

Demi is the first to grab him at the cocktail party. They talked and kissed – blah blah blah. When she finished talking to him, she went back to the girls, grabbed the rose off the table and told them that it was going to be hers that night. It left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, especially Tracy.

Tracy took Demi aside and explained to her. Demi apologized, even though you could tell it was sarcastic and insincere.


While all of this was going on, the girls continued talking to Colton, sharing moments with him, but the most memorable conversation was with Elyse. She was so genuine and easy to talk, which is why Colton decided to give Elyse the group date rose.


In your face Demi!

Moving on –

The next date is the most pivotal – In my opinion – because it is the first one-on-one date. It’s a telling point. Whoever Colton chooses for this date, could either be a front runner or one of the finalist.

And that lucky lady is?

Hannah B.


Not only was she fortunate to have the first one-on-one date, she was also turning 23 on that exact day. Lucky her!

The date card read: “Love is on the Horizon”

Colton took Hannah on a horse ride into the desert where they had their own little love nest. There was champagne and Colton wanted them both to make a toast. This is where things got awkward. I was literally cringing in my seat.

When it was Hannah’s turn to make a toast, she didn’t know what to say. Things got quiet, crickets were heard, pins were being dropped. After what felts like an eternity, she said something quick and to tell you the truth I don’t remember, and I’m not going to try to remember it either. She was just in her head a little too much. So this means that when it was time to be in the hot tub, things didn’t get any better.

At that point, Colton said that if Hannah didn’t open up, he may have to send her home. He is not here to waste his or anyone else’s time.

By the time dinner came around I was hoping that Hannah at least tried her best to open up. I feel like we need her to be around for a few more episodes. And guess what? She did! She told Colton that she wanted to save herself until marriage, but all of that changed when she met her ex boyfriend. Because of this she felt bad about herself because she was no longer perfect. This made Colton so happy to learn this about her, everything all of a sudden made sense.

Hannah received the rose!

It’s time for the last group date with:

Heather, Caelynn, Tayshia, Alex B., Erika, Katie, Sydney, Nina, Kripa, Caitlin, Courtney, Cassie.

The date card read: “I camp fight this feeling anymore.”

The girls met up with Colton in what looked like a type of summer camp. They played summer camp games and barbecued. Some of them haven’t watched this show because they thought this was it. Boy were they wrong. 

After all of their fun, Chris Harrison drove up, in a golf cart, with comedian Billy Eichner. Billy is going to be their camp counselor. The girls will be divided into 2 teams to play a series of games. The winning team get to stay overnight with Colton and the losing team goes back to the mansion. 

Let the games begin! 

Red Team: Heather, Tayshia, Caelynn, Alex B., Katie & Cassie

Yellow Team: Nina, Kirpa, Caitlin, Courtney, Sydney & Erika


The Red Team won the relay race. The Yellow Team won the canoe race. And the tie breaker was the tug of war, which was won by the Red Team

The Yellow Team was obviously unhappy because now they miss the opportunity to spend more time with Colton.  

For their after party, it was basically a big bonfire. Colton talked to the girls and got to know them a little better. They had more time since there was only 6 of them. Heather finally confessed to Colton that she is a virgin and has never been kissed. He took is very well, so well that he ended up giving her the group date rose, but the only thing that I didn’t like was that he didn’t kiss her. Maybe soon?

The week is finally coming to a close. It’s time for the cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony.

To recap it, the girls tried their best to get as much time with Colton as possible after Demi stole him first again.

After some time Tracy finally got the chance to talk to Colton, but that didn’t last long. Demi showed up in a robe to steal Colton. She took him upstairs and gave him a massage. This upset Tracy and she started crying because she feels as though she is not being respected.

Did Demi care? By now everyone should know the answer to that.

I was already over Demi for this week, so my face lit up when it was finally time for the Rose Ceremony.

This week 4 girls were eliminated – Alex B., Angelique, Annie & Erika.

Next week just might have a little more drama. But before I close out for the week, I’m going to provide you with some details or information I learned throughout the 2nd Week.

  • Hannah B. & Caelynn were not only competing in the same pageant, they were also roommate/friends. They hate each other because they both think they are each fake.
  • Age is a sensitive subject in this household.
  • Colton won’t be wasting anyone’s time.


I really am loving this season so far! Let’s see what happens next week!





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