Thaidal Wave – The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep. 9 Recap

In just a little over 2 weeks this season will be over, and Becca will hopefully be engaged!

The overnight dates took place in Chang Mai Thaliand. A place that Becca thought to be very romantic.


Her first date was with..



They hiked up to one of the most sacred temples in Chang Mai.

It is so sacred that they cannot kiss, hug or even touch each other. Something that was very hard for both Blake and Becca.


Once they made it to the temple they were taken to a Monk that explained to them the 4 core values of having a healthy relationship; and they were – Honesty, Acceptance, Patience & Giving.


Afterwards they were able to ring a bell that basically expressed the love they have towards one another.


It was a really good day portion of the day.

Now that night has arrived, the tough conversations begin.


Blake was in his head. He knows that he loves Becca more than anything, but what bothers him is that he doesn’t know what she feels towards the remaining 2 men. And that’s completely understandable.


Even though Becca couldn’t give him an exact answer in regards to her feelings, she did give him some reassurance. However, she did tell the fans that she is in love with Blake. So giving him the Fantasy Suite Date Card was an easy decision for Becca, and accepting was an even easier decision for Blake.


We move on to the next date which is with…



They’re date was a little bit more exciting. They toured and shopped around.


It was all good and fun until Becca made a comment about their “future” together. She immediately wanted to take it back. And that made the rest of the day portion a little awkward.


After this, Becca said that even though she is having doubts about Jason, she still wants to try and make their relationship work because she is falling in love with him.


At dinner, they talked a lot about their relationship, hometowns and where Becca’s head is really at. She couldn’t finish the conversation, and excused herself. She wanted to think everything over and try and make a decision.


She told Jason what she was feeling. Even though she could see a future with him, she could see it more with the remaining 2 men. Becca didn’t want to lead him on if she knew he was not going to be the one. Jason was obviously blind sided, and heart broken, as was she. Just because she didn’t want to continue her relationship with him, doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt her to make this decision.


Becca had to try to compose herself and go onto the last date for that week with..



This date was the most fun of all. They went rafting on bamboo rafts.


The funny thing is that the date was on a national holiday. The stream was full of locals dancing, drinking, talking & just having a lot of fun.


During dinner, they talked quite a lot. Garrett explained to Becca that he was very nervous about all of this journey because he didn’t want to fall in love and get hurt again. He doesn’t know if he would have been able to take it, but he is in love with her, so it really doesn’t matter to him.


Becca was so happy that he is in love with her, so she gave him the Fantasy Suite date card, and he quickly accepted.


You may think that this may end there, but it doesn’t.

On the day of the rose ceremony, Jason visits Becca to get some closure.


They talked, and it seemed that he felt a little better after this. He also gave Becca a gift. It was basically a story about their journey. So sweet.


I will totally be crossing my fingers for Jason to be the next Bachelor.

Becca decided to still hold the rose ceremony because it is a two way street. As much as she wants to give them the roses, they also need to accept it, and they both did!


Next week we will see almost all of the guys again at the Men Tell All, and then in 2 weeks, Blake & Garrett will meet her family, and she will finally make a decision and hopefully get engaged!




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