Hometowns – The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep. 8 Recap

Hometowns! Yes!!

This is the most defining week. After Becca meets the families, she will be able to determine who she could possibly be engaged to at the end of this.

This week was full of surprises, and if you haven’t seen last nights episode continue reading so you’ll be just as surprised as I was.

Becca’s first stop is to Manteca California where she meets up with Garrett.


Garrett’s family is in the Agriculture Business, so he rides a tractor with Becca and they plant tomatoes, because why not?


They then plant a rose bush, because Garrett wants to be able to give Becca an endless amount of roses. SO sweet!


After they got their hands a little dirty, they sat under a tree to discuss Becca meeting his family. She was nervous but so ready.


As soon as they walk in, Garrett’s family was so welcoming, loving and fun. Exactly like him.


Becca meets his parents, his grandparents, his sister, brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Everything was great, but just like every hometown the tough questions are asked.

Garret’s sister was skeptical, but that’s completely normal. She didn’t want him to go through a heartbreak again. But she did say that she liked Becca and maybe she could be the one for him.


Becca sat with his father, then his mother. And she pretty much told them the same thing. She loves so many things that Garrett has to offer. Even though she can’t say that she loves him just yet, she can say that she does possibly see a future with him. This was something his parents were happy about.


The last conversation for that evening that we were able to see was Garrett with his mom. She told him that all she wants is for him to be happy, and if Becca is the one, she approves.


The night ended wonderfully. Becca and Garrett didn’t want to say goodbye.


But Becca did have to go the next hometown which was in Buffalo New York to visit Jason and his family.


They meet the “Wing King” and participate in a one minute eating wings contest.


Afterwards, Jason takes her to an ice skating rink. They skate, play hockey and have a lot of fun.


Now it’s time to meet his family. Becca meets his parents, his brother and his brother-in-law.


This family was a little bit more conservative than Garrett’s, but they do seem very nice and close.

Jason talks to his father. As we all know, all of the conversations in hometowns are pretty similar. His dad is concerned and wants to make sure that Jason is doing the right thing. Jason reassured him. Becca is the one he wants to be with.


While this was going on, Jason’s mom was talking to Becca. She is skeptical. Becca told her that she obviously can’t make a decision yet, but she feels something very special towards Jason.

Jason then talked to his mother, and his brother. He told them all the same thing, he is in love with Becca, and they told him that he needs to tell her before the end of the evening.


Before Becca said goodbye to Jason, he told her that he was so in love with her, and while we couldn’t really read her expression, we as viewers know that she feels something very strong for him.


Hometown #3 is in Bailey Colorado. Becca meets up with Blake.


They tour the town and go to his high school where Becca meets some of his coaches.


He takes her to the library to tell her something that happened to him while he was a senior. There was a shooting in his high school and that basically changed his life. This is the reason he is so positive in life. Becca loved that he shared this with her. She was so ready to meet his family.


But before they go to his house, he had a surprise for Becca in the school auditorium. He was able to get Becca’s favorite singer, Betty Who and she sang for them. This made Becca so happy.


Becca gets to meet his mom, dad, sister, step dad, step mom and a whole bunch of other family members.


Blake talks to his mom first. She is another skeptical mom, but it’s understandable. He told her that he is in love with Becca and that’s who he wants to propose to at the end of this.


Then dad had to give his input as well. He told Blake that he will support him 100% of the way, but he wants him to be careful.


Becca told his mother that her feelings for Blake were very strong, and that she can see a future with him. His mom said that she sees that Blake is in love with her, but she just doesn’t want him to get hurt. Becca totally understood, and she wouldn’t keep him any longer if she didn’t feel that he could possibly be the one.


By the end of the night Becca knew that she was also falling in love with Blake, she just didn’t want to tell him just yet.


The last hometown has arrived, and all she had to do was drive. She met up with Colton in Parker Colorado.


Colton wants to take Becca to the hospital in which he has his foundation. But first, they buy some presents for some children.


At the hospital Becca meets 2 children with cystic fibrosis. They give them the presents and play with them as well. Both Becca and Colton had a wonderful time.


Before they meet his family, Becca talks to him and tells him that she’s not sure he is going to be ready to propose at the end of this. He tried to reassure her by saying that he has very strong feelings for her.


Becca meets his parents and a lot of his uncles, aunts and cousins.


Colton sits with his father first. They talked about his previous relationship with Tia, and his dad asked if they talked about Arie. Colton told him that Becca wouldn’t be there, if she was not ready.


Soon after his dad talked to Becca to talk about Arie. Becca told him that she hasn’t talked about it in depth with Colton but her relationship with Arie is so over. He then told her that if Colton was not the one, then she shouldn’t choose him at all.


While Becca was being interrogated, Colton spoke to his mom. He told her that he has already told Becca that he is a virgin, and he loves her so much. Her mom was so happy, but she’s still a little nervous.


Which is why she talked to Becca as well. They had a good conversation, and Becca made her feel a little less worried about her relationship with Colton.


Right before Becca left, Colton finally told her that he is in love with her. This made her very happy.


Now you may think that we go to the rose ceremony,  she chooses the last 3 guys and they go out of the country. That’s where you’re wrong.

Becca needed advice from her girls again. She receives a visit from Caroline, Bekah M., Seinne, Kendall & Tia.


She told the girls about the remaining 4 men, and their hometowns. Tia interrupted and asked to speak to Becca privately.


Something that took everyone by surprise.

Tia told Becca that she still has feelings for Colton and it makes her sick to her stomach that he is still there and that Becca could be engaged to them by the end of this. After this, Becca asked Tia if she could leave her alone for a moment.



Becca was so frustrated because Tia should have realized this weeks ago when they had their first conversation.

In the meantime she had to get ready for the rose ceremony.


She said that she was not going to let Tia’s confession affect her decision.

Becca gave the roses in the following order.







This means that Colton is being sent home.



When she sat to speak to Colton, she told him that when his dad said that if she wasn’t sure, she shouldn’t pick him, it resonated with her. She wasn’t sure that Colton was the one so she had to let him go. He was so sad.


Now Becca and the men head off to Thailand where they will have their Overnight Dates.

I am so excited to see what will go down next week!




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