Falling in Love in Virginia – The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep. 6 Recap

Let’s just take a moment and bask in the fact that Becca is smart & amazing!


Becca and the remaining 9 men head to Richmond, Virginia. Such a beautiful place. I will definitely be visiting in the near future.



At this point there are about 4 men that have not received a one-on-one date yet. This means that 2 of them will in Virginia.

But before we start focusing on dates, it’s only natural for Chris Harrison to sit with Becca and discuss the remaining men and her feelings towards each and everyone of them.


The first person to go on a one-on-one is…



The date card read: “Life is full of surprises!” 

I was so happy because I like Jason and I feel like it was his time to finally get that time with her.

She picks him up and they tour the town on a trolley, which is a great way to start the date.


They first go to St. John’s Church that is absolutely beautiful.


Of course, after the church they needed some sweets. They stopped at Sugar Shack Donuts to make sugar donuts and shove them in each other’s mouths.


Afterwards, Becca takes him to The Edgar Allen Poe Museum where there is an “Unhappy Hour” – super weird but they went with it, and – even though they weren’t supposed to – they had a lot of fun.


Before dinner, Becca had one more surprise for Jason.  This surprise involved 3 of his best friends. She flew them in to not only spend time with Jason but to talk to Becca. It was such a great time, and with that Becca was able to see a little more of Jason and how he would be after all of this is said and done.


Their conversations are always so effortless, and when they’re together they could laugh and at the same time had emotional conversations. That’s why it didn’t surprise me that during dinner, Becca started seeing a long term future with Jason, so he ended up getting the rose that night.


While Becca was with Jason, Chris & Lincoln got into a fight that made all of the men very uncomfortable. At that moment I was just hoping that this will not affect anyone else’s relationship with Becca.

Group date has arrived. The following men will be joining Becca:

   Colton, Garrett, Wills, Connor, Blake, Lincoln & Chris 

The date card read: “Let’s make history!” 


This date was a bit different, it included “George Washington” & “Abraham Lincoln”. The guys had a to go through a “Beccalection” so they had to prepare some type of debate and speak in front of a live audience. Things at the debate were fine, until they weren’t.


Chris Harrison asked the men about honesty and that’s when Chris blew up and started discussing his argument with Lincoln the night before. It made everyone uncomfortable, because the truth is that Chris shouldn’t have talked about this in front of a live audience. You could tell that Becca was very upset, her face changed, her mood shifted, and she was no longer excited about this group date.



At the after party, Becca decided to speak to Lincoln first. He then told her that he’s scared of Chris, because he’s dangerous and may just explode at any moment. Basically implying that he is a ticking time bomb! Lincoln also told her that Connor wanted to change rooms because he was scared of rooming with Chris.



Right at that moment Chris interrupted them. It was basically heaven sent because Becca was able to confront Chris about everything that had happened. She was so upset and to tell you the truth, he couldn’t defend himself.


Which is why it really wasn’t a good time for Garrett to then interrupt them. As soon as Garrett sat down, Becca told him that she needed 5 minutes alone and she would look for him afterwards.


Garrett was a little disappointed so he went back to the group of men and basically told off Chris. Because he wanted to open up to her, spend time with her and whatever Chris told her, put her in a head state in which she couldn’t really talk to anyone else.


Luckily, Becca went to get Garrett and finally have that conversation that he was waiting for. She then was able to speak to Wills who told her that he is falling in love with her. And went on to Colton who said that he is so confident about what they have.


In the end Becca gave the group date rose to –




The last date of the week has finally arrived and it’s with –



The date card read: “The world is our oyster.” 

They went on a plane and had an air tour of Virginia.


At first Becca was having a hard time concentrating due to everything that has been happening, but after they landed, Becca sat with Leo and had a long conversation that made her feel a lot better.


So with that, they went Oyster Fishing and had a lot of fun.


During dinner, Leo opened up a lot and made Becca feel so good. She ended up giving him the rose that evening.


After Leo came home, for some reason it seemed to upset Chris. He left and went to Becca’s hotel to talk to her.



She was definitely surprised to see him. It seemed like he was trying to say his peace so Becca will keep him. But it just backfired. Becca had doubts, he wanted to leave last week and now he said that he can propose to her. She told him that they probably can’t go back to the way they were after their date.


Becca sent Chris packing. He was so upset that he didn’t even want Becca to walk him out. I really didn’t care. I’m so over Chris and apparently Becca is too.


Because of everything that has happened, she had already made her mind up. The cocktail party was cancelled.


Becca said goodbye to Lincoln & Connor.

There is only 1 week left before hometown dates and they are headed to the Bahamas! Who do you think her top 4 will be?







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