Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 – Meet the Contestants & Bartenders!

Bachelor in Paradise? Yes, the show many people wait for, more than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

This show gives everyone an opportunity to fall in love, but besides that, there will be a lot of drama, kissing, fighting and most of all, a lot, a lot, I mean, a lot of drinking.

In order to make the show possible, they obviously need the contestants and bartender!

Below you’ll find the men/women who will be looking for love a second, maybe even a third time.


Angela Amezcua

The Bachelor Season 21 

A lot of people may not remember her. She was sent home her first night on The Bachelor. And even though her journey was cut short a year and a half ago, she is ready to look for love again!


Annaliese Puccini

The Bachelor Season 22 

She was the girl that had way too many traumas as a child. During her time we saw her cry almost as much as Ashley i. Maybe she fixed her issues and is finally ready to fall in love.


Astrid Loch

The Bachelor Season 21 

She was another one of Nick Viall’s contestants. Although memories about her are very unclear, we did she her while Rachel was The Bachelorette. She’s very pretty, and I wouldn’t doubt if the men are dying to date her.


Bibiana Julian

The Bachelor Season 22 

The Bachelor Winter Games Season 1 

Bibz! I loved her in The Bachelor and loved her even more in Winter Games. She always spoke her mind, and didn’t hesitate to make the truth be known. Even though things didn’t work out with Arie (thank god!) and with Jordan, she does deserve to find love and I hope this is her time!


Chelsea Roy

The Bachelor Season 22 

I didn’t like her at the beginning of Arie’s season, but as the world got to know her a little better, she started growing on me! And I do hope she finds love as well!


David Ravitz

The Bachelorette Season 14 

Everyone should remember him! Not only was he The Chicken on Becca’s season, but he had an on going feud with Jordan. He was also kind of annoying, Let’s hope he makes a better impression in Paradise.


Eric Bigger

The Bachelorette Season 13 

Top 3 in Rachel’s season. He was always happy and having fun. The first time he fell in love was with Rachel, maybe in Paradise he’ll find his 2nd love.


Joe Amabile

The Bachelorette Season 14 

Even though Becca sent him home on night one, he was very memorable. I really liked him. Let’s hope he finds what he’s looking for.


John Graham

The Bachelorette Season 14

Oh John! He was very boring on Becca’s season, but it could possibly be the edit. I hope he’s more fun in Paradise.


Jordan Kimball

The Bachelorette Season 14 

Jordan, the shallow model from Becca’s season. Maybe he learned from his mistakes, and won’t continuously be talking about himself.


Kendall Long

The Bachelor Season 22 

The beautiful Taxidermist. She was one of my favorites! I’m so glad we’ll be able to see her on t.v. again!


Kenny Layne

The Bachelorette Season 13

Everyone loved Kenny and his daughter on Rachel’s season! Maybe he’ll connect with another parent!


Kevin Wendt

The Bachelorette Canada Season 1 

The Bachelor Winter Games Season 1 

We all obviously know that his relationship with Ashley i didn’t work out. Will he find someone in Paradise? Will him and Bibiana hit it off again?


Krystal Nielson

The Bachelor Season 22 

The Villain on Arie’s season. She may be evil, but one things for sure, she is pretty. I wouldn’t doubt it if she found someone immediately.


Nick Spetsas

The Bachelorette Season 14 

The Attorney in Becca’s season. Although he wasn’t that well known, he was one of my favorites. And he’s cute!


Nysha Norris

The Bachelor Season 22

Just like Angela from Nick’s season, Nysha was sent home on night one in Arie’s season. Maybe Paradise will be the place for her.


Tia Booth

The Bachelor Season 22

I have mixed feelings about Tia. So I’m not going to say anything positive or negative about her just yet. Let’s see how the first week goes in Paradise.


Now it’s time to meet the Bartenders –

Yes I said Bartenders! That means we’re going to have twice the advice, twice the drinks, and twice the fun!


Wells & Yuki!

Everyone loved Wells last season in Paradise and after Yuki left Winter Games everyone demanded to see her again!

On Tuesday August 7th Paradise will be back, and I just can’t wait!




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