What happens in Vegas….. – The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep. 5 Recap

On last nights episode, I totally agreed with every decision she made; however not everything lasts forever. I total didn’t agree with her decision at the rose ceremony. But we’ll get into that a little later.

Becca and the men leave the freezing cold in Utah and go to Las Vegas! It’s time for her to roll the dice on love. How drama free will this week be?


And this week Becca will have 1 one-on-one date, 1 group date & the most anticipated two-on-one date.

First date this week, and only one-on-one date goes to:



The date card read: “Let’s ride off to the sunset together” 

The limo picks him up and they drive for like ever until they reach Virgin River – (I know, what are the odds). 


Becca was so excited to see Colton and to tell him what they’ll be doing that day.


First things first – Why wouldn’t they have a Camel Safari in the middle of the Nevada Desert?


The camels take them all the way to a spacious area in which there is a hot tub patiently waiting for them. It was out of the ordinary, not something she normally does on dates.


It gave Becca & Colton time to get to know each other without any distractions.


In my opinion, it was kind of boring but I think they both had a real good time.

At dinner, conversation was good and interesting, Colton told Becca about his previous relationship, and believe it or not he had a similar breakup as Becca did with Arie. She related with him so much and their connection is immensely strong. That’s why Becca gave him the rose.


Moving on to the only group date of the week with the following men:

Wills, Garrett, Blake, John, Connor, Leo, Lincoln, Jason & Chris

The date card read: “I’m looking for my Mr. Las Vegas”


This was really the best date that week. They went to Wayne Newton’s Ranch in Vegas. I mean come on, a dream come true for anyone!


The guys had to write a love song for Becca and after Wayne helped them the best he could, they had to perform their songs one by one on a stage in front of a live audience. Chris definitely took the cake home with his performance.


At the after party, Becca sat down with each of the men and talked just like she does every time she’s with them. While this was going on Chris was saying that he isn’t nervous and he doesn’t really need to make an effort to talk to her because he’s going to get the rose anyway.



But because Becca had way to many guys that were actually making an effort to spend time with him, she didn’t have time to talk to Chris.

With that, she gave the group date rose to –



Who told her he was falling in love with her earlier that evening.

This upset Chris to such an extent that he threatened to leave because it seems like Becca is no longer interested.


But this is the least of anyone’s problems right now, the real deal is that we are now moving towards the most dreaded and anticipated two-on-one in which David & Jordan are the protagonists.


This date card read: “Meet me at the Valley of Fire – 2 Men. 1 Rose. 1 Stays. 1 Goes.” 

They met up with Becca and she drove them into what seemed like a private tent with a bed in the middle of the dessert (there’s obviously a theme here).



Becca asked to speak to David first.


As soon as they were alone, David started talking badly about Jordan and how Jordan said that being with Becca would be settling. She was upset because of this, but what really upset me was the fact that David only spoke about Jordan and didn’t really open up to Becca.

They returned and she was able to spend some time with Jordan as well. She confronted him about what David said and he defended himself and gave her the reason as to why he should continue being there, he also provided Becca with some light on his childhood.


Then, her and Jordan went up to confront David, and he really couldn’t defend himself because Jordan didn’t really say that he would be settling for Becca.


After thinking a lot, she returned to both men. She decided to send David home because he barely opened up to her and was possibly not being honest to her in regards to Jordan. Goodbye David!


Even though she sent David home, that didn’t mean that Jordan was getting the rose. Becca still needed to get to know him a little better during dinner.



Now let me tell you, I knew some Models could possibly be very shallow, but he beat them all. While he was with Becca, all he did was talk about himself, he didn’t get emotional and barely asked her any questions about herself. For this and other reasons, she also decided to send Jordan home.


This week seemed to be the shortest one, but it still must have been an emotionally tiring week for Becca.


At the cocktail party, she asked to speak to Chris first because David told her the day before that Chris threatened to leave.


He then said that he feels strongly for her and he was just upset because they didn’t spend time together. This didn’t take away from the fact that she was still upset and needed some space from Chris to think things over.

She started talking to other guys and was having a really good time; however during her interaction with Wills, Chris decided to interrupt her again. She told him that she just sat down with Wills and will speak to him later. He continued insisting so Wills told Chris that he would give him 2 minutes and then he’ll be interrupting him.


After 2 minutes, 120 seconds, Wills interrupted Chris again. Chris asked for more time but Wills didn’t want to give it to him. Becca then told Chris that she would go and find him but she wanted to talk to Wills now. This upset Chris, and again he threatened to leave.


When Becca was done with Wills, she went to find Chris. She was still doubting him because if he really did have strong feelings for her, he wouldn’t want to jump ship after one mishap.


The week, the night, the whole journey is just so exhausting so let’s bring a rose ceremony into the mix.

Believe it or not, Chris received the final rose. This means that John is going home.


Now I hope that Becca isn’t making a mistake by keeping Chris, but maybe there’s a reason for that decision. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next week in Virginia.










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