Too many Hospital visits – The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep. 3 Recap

I know I am soooo soooo behind, but when you’re writing a book you delay a lot of other things.

So this is how it’ll be going down – This post is will be recapping week 3 and the next post will be recapping week 4.



Week 3’s Episode starts off like any other, only difference is that it’s raining more than the week before.

All of the guys are ready to receive the first date card. This week there will be 2 Group Dates and 1 One-on-One Date.

Chris Harrison finally walks in with the date card and drops it on the table.


The following men will be joining Becca on the first group date of the week:

Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc & Colton 

The date card read – “It’s time to relax.” 

This date wasn’t just a chance for Becca to “relax” with her men, but also a chance for Becca’s friends to meet and interrogate the guys as well.


Becca brought along 5 of her friends, Bekah M., Caroline, Kendall, Seinne & Tia. Yes, I said Tia, and Colton will also be on this date. (If you remember my last post, Colton confessed to Becca that he briefly dated Tia this past winter.)


When the guys got to the spa, they were all surprised to see the other girls there. Colton seemed a little nervous.


The guys had to pamper the girls. Paint their nails, massage and make drinks for the girls. And while all of this is fun, Becca decided to talk to Tia alone in regards to the Colton situation.




Tia told her that they briefly dated but it wasn’t anything serious because they both lived in different states. She also told Becca that all she wants is for her to be happy. They let everything go and hugged each other.


Now it’s time for the after party –


She had conversation after conversation trying to get to know them a little better.

So everyone thought that the evening was going to be drama free, that was until David told Becca that Jordan was talking about how he has had 4000 matches on Tinder. Becca really didn’t care because that obviously happened before he went on the show, but Jordan did care and told Davis that he better be careful.


After that, Becca had a very meaningful conversation with Colton, this conversation led Becca to give him the group date rose. This wasn’t great news for the other men.





While all of this was happening, the guys received the 2nd date card for the only one-on-one date for this week, & the lucky guy is —-



The date card read: “Let’s make your heart sing.”

This date was a bit different. They went to Capitol Records and met up with Richard Marx. He gave them the task to each write their own love song separately.


Chris seemed very nervous because this brought back memories for him. He didn’t want to open up and be shut down immediately.


Becca noticed his nerves, and went outside to talk to him. She calmed him down and he was able to write a beautiful love song for Becca. One that made her tear up.


During dinner, Chris explained to her his reason for not wanting to be so vulnerable, and she completely understood. Becca felt a strong connection for Chris. He ended up receiving the rose.


After the one-on-one, the men were all at the mansion sleeping, when something terrible happened. David fell off his top bunk bed and messed up his face. He was sent immediately to the hospital.


Chris Harrison visited Becca the next morning to let her know what occurred. She called David and told him that she’ll be waiting for him when he’s ready.


Now it’s time for Becca’s next group date with:

Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor & Blake. 

The date card read: “We can tackle anything together.” 

They met in a football field and were trained by some of the WNFL (Women’s National Football League). Some of the men had a tough time but others really enjoyed it.


After their training, they were split into 2 teams to play in front of a live audience.


While they were playing, Clay broke his wrist and had to be taken immediately to the hospital.


After, they went to the after party. Becca felt weird that Clay wasn’t with them, but he had to rest up.


The party continued and Becca was able to talk to many of the men.


In the middle of their “celebration” Clay walked in. He said that he didn’t want to miss an opportunity to spend time with Becca.


This really warmed Becca’s heart, so she gave Clay the group date rose.


Week 3 felt like their longest week. I bet everyone was glad when the Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony day arrived.


While Becca talked to the men to be able to make a decision in the rose ceremony, Clay made a decision of his own.


He had to get an operation in order for his wrist to be better enough to play football. This means he had to leave and say goodbye to Becca and the possibility of love.


Becca was obviously hurt, but she completely understood where he was coming from.


What happened in week 4? If you haven’t seen it, check out my next post, the recap will be there.





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