First Pit Stop – The Bachelorette Season 14 Ep. 4 Recap

Where did we leave off last time?

Oh yeah, that’s right – Clay left home because he needed surgery for his broken wrist.


Becca was so upset after his departure but that couldn’t stop her from continuing her evening. She continued to speak to the guys and she gave Jordan a little gift, a pair of gold boxers. He loved this and considered it to be a gift from his future wife (I highly doubt she’ll choose him but whatever let’s him sleep at night.) 


They say that things always happen for a reason, upon Clay leaving, someone else walked through the mansion doors….



His face was still pretty busted but he was feeling better and he couldn’t wait to continue his journey with Becca.

She asked to speak to him right away. She was happy that he was back and for that, she decided to give him Clay’s rose so he doesn’t have to stand at the rose ceremony and he can rest.


All of the guys were pretty surprised by this, but Jordan was especially angry. According to him, David’s face was so busted that he didn’t even deserve a rose. (Jordan is really getting on my last nerve.)

Any who –

Now we’re on to the rose ceremony.

The 2 men that go home are Ryan & Mike.

Becca and I are totally done with Los Angeles which is why she takes the men to their first stop on what they consider a world ’round journey –


Park City, Utah


So cold, but such a beautiful place to start falling in love.

First date is a one-on-one with –



For some reason, there was not a date card but who cares! Garret finally gets his date!

She picks him and they decide to tour and shop. They seemed to be having so much fun. Their connection is off the charts.



After they have their regular people fun, Becca then takes Garrett to The Utah Olympic Park. They meet up with Olympians Valerie Fleming & Shauna Rohbock. They teach them how to bobsled. It looked like so much fun, I really want to try it one day!


When they reach evening, they go to a Moose Hut to spend more time together. You could definitely tell that their feelings just grow more and more towards each other. The conversation was effortless and it seems like Garrett is a definite front runner, that’s why he receives the rose. After he received the rose, Becca takes him to an outside Granger Smith concert.


Now it’s time for the group date of the week with the following men:

Jordan, Chris, Blake, Nick, John, Lincoln, Leo, David, Connor, Christon, Jason, Colton & Jean Blanc. 


This means that Wills gets the last one-on-one date of the week, much to Jean Blanc’s dismay. He wanted to be the one to get it – Oh Well 

The group date involves all 13 men to do Lumberjack activities. Becca has a thing for Lumberjacks.


A lot of the men excel but others not so much. But it was all innocent fun, and very enjoyable for Becca to watch.

Now it’s time to relax at the Group Date After Party. Now this is where things get a little interesting.


The after party highlights were really something.


Jordan takes off his pants in front of Becca to show her the gold boxers she gave him the week before. Something the guys didn’t like, but who are they to judge.


Jean Blanc then gives Becca a personalized perfume just for her.


After some time, Jean Blanc decided to go talk to Becca again. This time he said he had something really important to tell her and that was that he is falling in love with her. That took Becca by surprise.


She then told him that she thought it was too soon for this and because she doesn’t feel the same way, she would prefer in sending him home. After they got to the door, he then told her that he really wasn’t falling in love with her, and that he thought that was what she wanted to her. To me  that was like a slap in the face, how can he lie to her just to continue his journey here. That was when she was sure she was not going to regret sending Jean Blanc home. See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya! 


Becca then returned to the remaining me to tell them what happened. She also told them that they need to be honest and if not, they should go home right away. With that, she also decided not to hand out the group date rose.


Let’s just see if her date with Wills makes up for the night before.

Right off the bat you could see how genuinely happy Wills is to spend a whole day with Becca.


They ride snowmobiles and drink champagne by a fire. It was so romantic, and Becca really likes Wills.


At dinner, they really got to know each other, and he lifted her spirits. Because of this, she gave him the rose.


After this difficult week, Becca sent in Chris Harrison to speak to the guys. She cancelled the cocktail party and would like to move on right to the Rose Ceremony. All of the guys were surprised and a little upset because they wanted that time to talk to Becca, but she already made up her mind, and the party wouldn’t help at all.


The men to go home this week are: Christon & Nick. 

Now tonight is the new episode, and from what I see, the drama is going to be a lot stronger!





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