Is it too soon for Drama? – The Bachelorette Season 14 – Ep. 2 Recap

I know, I know! I am so late – almost a week. 

But if you think about it this way, if you don’t remember what happened last week, this little recap will refresh your memory. 


Last weeks episode of The Bachelorette was a great way to begin Becca’s journey to find love! And this was only a sprinkle of what’s really up and coming.

Becca is in L.A. – She’s over Arie & ready to start dating her 21 boyfriends.


The guys are also settling into the mansion when they receive a lovely visit from Mr. Chris Harrison himself. He’s obviously there to give them the basic rules – there will be dates every week, groups dates and one-on-one dates. Roses will be up for grabs on every date. If they don’t receive roses on the one-on-one, they will be sent home immediately. There isn’t much time, so when they do see Becca, they need to make the most of their time. Finally – Chris Harrison stopped talking. What a thrilling sensation, only because the date card was put on the table.


David [A.K.A. The Chicken] picked up the date card and began reading.


It was a group date for the following men:

Clay, Nick, Chris R., David, Jean-Blanc, Jordan, Connor & Lincoln.

It read “I’m ready for my big day” 

Becca is waiting for the men in front of what seems to be a house. She takes a small walk down memory lane, telling the guys that on her first date she was pampered, so she wants to do the same for them.


Inside they find a rack with suits, shoes and even champagne.



They all start getting dressed while Becca was in the room – hey, she was definitely not gonna complain about that.



The date did not end there. I mean they are dressed up very sharp, Becca needs to show them off. They were never going to guess where they were off to next.


After much walking, the ended up meeting up with last years Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay and her fiance Bryan. They were there to explain to the guys what they were going to do next – a Grooms-Day obstacle course!


First things first –

They had to through the “Ball & Chain” – which means that they had to tie a ball and chain to their ankle & move on to the next course. That seemed easy, but the guys still had a hard time with that.


After that, they had to go through something called “Cold Feet”. They had to jump in a tub with cold water and turn over the hourglass. They had to stay in that tub for what seemed like the longest 3 minutes everrrr! Clay didn’t have any trouble at all, he’s accustomed, because he’s a football player.

That apparently didn’t matter because Lincoln still got out first.



Next was the “Slippery Slope”. The guys had to go up this sort of bounce house but it had oil and some other ingredients on it. What a mess was made!


Now, it’s time to “Get over your exes”. There they have to crawl in the mud and try to get the bouquet and put it into a bucket. Lincoln dropped the bouquet and had to put it back into the bucket.



Time for “Cake Tasting”, the remaining men had to try and get a ring that was inside a cake, but they couldn’t use their hands, only their mouth. At this point there were only 2 men remaining – Lincoln & David. Lincoln got the ring first, and David got it shortly after.


“Race to the Altar” – Now they had to crawl towards Becca with the ring. Lincoln got their first, so he won and was able to take a picture with Becca.


The men were not happy because they somehow felt that Lincoln cheated. But there’s nothing they can do.

The after party finally arrived. It was time for everyone to wind down and finally talk to Becca.


Lincoln stole Becca first because, hello they’re basically almost married according to him.


It was better like this because Becca had to give him the picture they took earlier that day. Even though I don’t think it was a very good idea to have given him the picture so early on.


After he went back to the guys, he took out the picture and put it on the table right next to the rose. This obviously started bugging the guys, especially Connor. He tried to put the picture away or facing down, but Lincoln continued to put it back up. What he did next was not very gentleman like.


Connor took the picture and threw it into the pool.


Becca was completely unaware of this drama that was happening. She was too busy getting to know the guys – just like it should be. I mean she did need to hand out a rose by the end of the night.


To me – the most meaningful conversation she had that night was with Jean-Blanc. [But we’ll get to that later].


Any-who – Lincoln couldn’t keep his mouth shut and he obviously told Becca what Connor did. And it definitely took her by surprised. How is this happening so early on? Why is this happening?


She had to pull Connor aside. To tell you the truth, I was so curious to see what he had to say for himself.


All he could really say is that he rubbed him the wrong way and he apologized because he claims that he’s never like this. Becca did tell him that she just needed time to think.

After all of this drama she just wanted the night to be over. It was time to give out the group date rose.

And that lucky person is ———-



While all of this was going on the men that were back at the mansion received another date card. This time it was a one-on-one date for —-



It read “Let’s loose control!”

Becca picked up Blake in a limo. He was so excited because he didn’t get to ride in a limo on night one. Remember he came on an OX.


This date was a bit different. Becca didn’t plan it, she left everything up to Chris Harrison. Which sometimes is not a good idea.


Why did Chris Harrison decide that it was okay for them to have their date in an abandoned warehouse? Well, only because it was time for Becca to destroy anything that had to do with her relationship/engagement with Arie.


I thought they were going to burn the place down, but no they’re not that devious.

Inside the warehouse was almost everything having to do with her ex. There were champagne, Arie’s “race car”, romantic candlelit table, the couch where Arie broke up with Becca, and t.v.’s that kept replaying the proposal.

Blake and Becca got dressed up in boots, jumpsuits and wore a mask. They carried sledgehammers as well.


This is where the fun happens. They have to destroy everything, and boy did they make a mess. It was so much fun to watch and it was so satisfying for Becca to do.  Oh and the best part was that Lil John was there and he was going to be playing music for them.

After all the fun and games, it was time for dinner. Now Becca was able to sit down and get to know Blake a little better.


Their conversation was deep, but fun at the same time. You could definitely tell that they have a connection. He could be a definite front runner.

This is why it didn’t surprise me when Becca gave Blake the rose.

Back at the mansion, the guys received the last date card for the week. It was obviously another group date.

The following men will be going on this date –


Garrett, Ricky, John, Alex, Christon, Wills, Colton, Leo & Trent

It read: “Love comes at you hard & fast!” 

Another active date. The men met up with Becca in a gym. She was waiting for them with 3 kids that were going to teach them how to play dodge ball properly. Boy did they teach them. The kids were tough and the guys were getting hit left & right.


Afterwards, they played with each other and had so much fun.

The date wasn’t over there. They now went to a place that looked sort of like sky-zone, they were put into teams and now had to play dodge ball in front of an audience.

It was a lot of fun and the guys enjoyed it so much. But they were tired and just ready to sit down and talk to Becca.


This group date after party was more drama free than the previous one. All of the guys were able to sit with Becca and get to know her a bit better, and she got to know the guys a bit better as well.

Everything was going great until Colton decided that he needed to tell Becca something very important, something he just couldn’t keep to himself any longer.


Becca was a bit nervous, and then he told her that before he signed up to be on The Bachelorette, he dated Tia Booth, Becca’s friend from last season of The Bachelor.

This took Becca by surprise. She didn’t know what to say, so she told Colton that she needed to think about this a little longer. Even though she does see something special in him, he did date Tia, and what if he was expecting her to be the next Bachelorette. Does he even really want to get to know her?

Although this was very confusing for her, she did have to hand out a rose.


She gave it to someone she felt very comfortable with and wanted to get to know a little better –



This week was completely unexpected, not only for Becca, but for us as viewers too.

She wanted to go to the cocktail party and clear up some things with the guys.


The most surprising thing at the cocktail party was that Jordan decided to take off his clothes and walk up to Becca in just his underwear. He wanted to show her that there are more sides to him.

But that still didn’t take away from the fact that being there was very enlightening for her. She talked to the guys and felt a lot more confident, even with her conversations with Lincoln, Connor & Colton.

But the real question is – Will they receive roses in the rose ceremony?


Trent, Ricky & Alex were unfortunately sent home.

It’s sad, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I’m just wondering how next weeks episode is going to be !









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