Let’s Do the Damn Thing!

The season everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived!

Becca is finally in the driver seat, (I know what you’re thinking, but there was no other way to put it.)

She will finally be making many of the choices, she will be handing out the roses and choosing who she wants to continue a relationship with. Let’s hope this time around she doesn’t get her heart broken.

But either way – I am here to basically recap Monday nights Season Premiere. It was a great one, so if you haven’t seen it please do!

Normally, every season starts out the same, you know, The Bachelorette talking about her experience with the most recent Bachelor and shalala shalala. But with Becca, at least for me, it was different.


The episode started with her taking a look back at her relationship with Arie. Even though it was short-lived, it still meant a lot to her, and even to us as viewers. He proposed to her, told her that he was only going to choose her for the rest of his life, and then a few weeks after that, he changed his mind. It is only human to do so, but the way he did it was not acceptable to us as viewers or fans. I am so happy that Becca got another chance to find the man of her dreams – She deserved this!

Moving on –


Becca then started explaining that all while she was devastated, she wanted to continue looking for love. She will not give up, and that’s why she accepted this opportunity.

So she’s finally back in L.A. and heads to the mansion to speak to the 3 most recent Bachelorettes –

Season 11 – Kaitlyn Bristowe – Season 12 – Jojo Fletcher – & Season 13 – Rachel Lindsay


They were there to show off their engagement rings, drink mimosas, give Becca advice and sage the mansion. This seems to give Becca a bit more confidence going into that evening.


Now its the time we really have been waiting for. Becca puts on a beautiful white dress with glitter on it. She looks spectacular by the way! And now she heads back to the mansion to greet Chris Harrison and meet her next 28 Boyfriends.


Let us meet the guys – This is in order of whom got out of the limo first to last.



Age: 26

Former Professional Football Player from Denver Colorado.

He’s just so cute. Definitely a contender from just getting out of the limo. He arrived with poppers, and when Becca and him pulled the string, confetti came out of it!




Age: 27

Electrician from Danville California.

Sympathized with Becca on her past experience with Arie. His dimples are just amazing!




Age: 30

Professional Football Player from Chicago Illinois.

He’s also such a cutie. You could definitely tell he was nervous, by the way he was talking to Becca.




Age: 31

Colognoisseur from Pensacola Florida.

He said Becca’s catch phrase in French and she repeated. Becca also mentioned that he smelled amazing.




Age: 25

Fitness Coach from St. Petersburg Florida.

He did almost the same thing Becca did when she met Arie. Got down on one knee, pulled out a box and said “Let’s Do The Damn Thing”. Very memorable!




Age: 31

Grocery Store Owner from Chicago Illinois.

Totally forgot what he was going to say as soon as he saw Becca.




Age: 28

Software Engineer from San Francisco California.

He seemed nice enough, but that’s really all I could say about John right now.




Age: 31

Stuntman from Studio City California.

His hair is amazingly long and beautiful. Wow.




Age: 26

Male Model from Crystal River Florida.

I was not a huge fan of Jordan. To me, it seems like he wants to be prettier than Becca. On top of that, he was just talking so much crap throughout the whole night – But I’ll get to that later.




Age: 27

I.T. Consultant from San Diego California.

Cute. Fun. Sweet. Outgoing.




Age: 31

Construction Manager from Atlanta Georgia.

He really didn’t say much. Not that memorable for me.




Age: 27

Attorney from Orlando Florida.

He arrived in a race-car outfit then stripped out of it in front of Becca. For some reason I really liked him.




Age: 27

Sports Analyst from Cincinnati Ohio.

This guy brought a cut out of Arie because he wants him to see Becca happy with other than. Do with that what you will.




Age: 29

Medical Sales Rep from Reno Nevada.

Absolutely one of my favorites! He arrived in a mini van that was jam packed with kids toys and a baby car seat. He is definitely one to look after. Possibly a front runner.




Age: 28

Sales Rep from Bailey Colorado.

Becca met him on After the Final Rose. Then, he arrived on a horse, this time he arrived on an Ox. I mean what else could a woman want?




Age: 26

Accountant Sales Executive from Los Angeles California.

She also met him on AFTR. This time he brought Becca a piece of cake to share.




Age: 27

Advertising VP from Sanford Florida.

Also met Becca on AFTR. Didn’t really say much this time around.




Age: 26

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep from Sherman Oaks California.

Another one of Becca’s suitors from AFTR. Didn’t really make an impression then or now.




Age: 26

Banjoist from Manhattan Beach California.

The last man Becca met on AFTR. He didn’t bring his Banjo this time, but he’s still so cute. Love him and his dimples.




Age: 31

Former Harlem Globetrotter from Los Angeles California.

Very Cute. Seems nice enough.




Age: 29

Graphic Designer from Los Angeles California.

Light eyes and a closet nerd. Becca liked!




Age: 29

Sr. Corporate Banker from Seattle Washington.

Making a handshake with Becca was just what this show needed.




Age: 30

Social Media Participant from Monroe New York.

I really didn’t like him. He said that a relationship should be 60/40 and Becca should be doing the 60. Go back home Kalim!




Age: 29

Marketing Consultant from Minneapolis Minnesota.

He met Becca before, so when she saw him, it raised some red flags for her.




Age: 28

Realtor from Naples Florida.

He popped out of a Hearse claiming that he literally died when he found out Becca was going to be the Bachelorette.




Age: 28

Banker from San Diego California.

There’s really not much to say about him. He tried to twirl Becca and that was it.




Age: 26

Venture Capitalist from Denver Colorado.

He is another one of my favorites! He arrived in a Chicken Suit! How amazing is that?




Age: 30

Sales Trainer from Orlando Florida.

He brought a choir that sang to Becca. Can anyone beat that?

Now that Becca has met all 28 men, it’s time for her to go inside and spend some time with them.


As soon as she finishes her speech, Connor steals her much to everyone’s dismay.


That’s when the party really gets started. There is dancing, playing with play-doh, playing basketball, fishing and everyone genuinely getting to know everyone else.


So you would think that the night just winds down, because what drama could start the first night.

That is where you’re wrong.

To start off, Jordan was just talking crap about everyone and their choice of suits.


But anyways the real drama was the following:

Chris decided to confess that the night of AFTR he received a text message from Chase’s ex girlfriend stating that he was not going on for the right reasons.


This had Becca thinking. She was thinking so much that she had to do something lse before the night was over.

She asked to speak to Jason. She felt that he wasn’t there for the right reasons because they had met before. Why didn’t he try to get to know her before? Why wait until she was The Bachelorette? He really didn’t have a solid explanation, so Becca sent him home before the rose ceremony.


After this, Becca was just tired and wanting the night to end. This means that she needed to hand out the First Impression Rose.

Who’ll receive it this season? On the past 3 seasons, all women gave their First Impression Rose to the man they are now with. Will the same thing happen to Becca?

& the rose goes tooooooo —



Yup – the one in the mini van.

Becca really liked him. She said he felt like home.

Not only did he receive the First Impression Rose, but he also received Becca’s first kiss this season!


Now it’s time for the dreaded rose ceremony.


And the men that go home are – Chase, Christian, Darius, Grant, John, Kamil & Jake.

Becca just didn’t see a future with them – but she did with the remaining 20 men.

I wonder what this season has in store for her! It feels like it’s going to be a good one! I hope you’ll be able to watch!














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