2 Women. 1 Engagement. 2 Breakups. Millions of confused viewers! – Bachelor Finale Recap Part 1

*If you haven’t seen The Bachelor Finale do not continue reading.

Okay so last night was not the finale everyone was expecting. When you normally watch a finale of any sort, you expect a big happy ending. A happy proposal, and an even happier couple walking down the beach waiting to spend the rest of their life together. This season finale was the complete opposite.

All season long I was hearing rumors about how everything was going to play out, but I really didn’t want to believe it. Last nights episode just confirmed it all.

Let’s take it back a little to the last week in Peru.

It’s time for both Lauren & Becca to meet Arie’s family. This episode always makes me so nervous. In this episode they meet his family, talk about the future and either get their heart broken or walk away with a ring, the rose and the bachelor (in that order).

Lauren shows up first to meets Arie’s entire family.


I was so scared about this because Lauren was not one to open up about her feelings. Was she going to be closed off? Are Arie’s parents going to like her?


Boy was I surprised. While she was with his family, Lauren was very friendly, as well as vulnerable. She told both Arie’s mom & dad that she was so in love with him and can’t imagine life without him. She even got emotional when talking to Arie’s mom because she cannot fathom the idea of him picking someone else.


After this, I started like Lauren more. I feel like we finally got an insight as to who she is and as to why Arie is in love with her.

Now it’s Becca’s turn to meet Arie’s family.


This is where things got a bit awkward.

If you watch The Bachelor you know that most of the time the final 2 women are complete opposites, night & day. You also know that both families are very well aware of this whole situation, so they try to be as prudent and respectful as possible. Which is why I do not understand why his entire family would mention Lauren when talking to Becca.



“We met Lauren yesterday, how do you feel about her?”

“Lauren feels this about this… how do you feel about that?”

I mean it kept going on and on and on. As a viewer things felt a little awkward, I can only imagine how Becca was feeling at that moment.

At one point she said that she may die if they mention Lauren’s name again.


After one of the most cringe worthy meeting so far, Arie goes back to his family to talk to his family and see their opinions on both women.


His mom for sure loved Lauren, there was no doubt about it; however she told Arie that she feels that Becca will fit into his lifestyle a bit more. Everyone else started chiming in, and said that they also feel Becca would be the better choice. She is the safest choice even though they all seemed to like Lauren a lot.

At the end of that day Arie thought in his mind that he was going to choose Becca and that was that. All he had to do was get through his last 2 dates.

And his first last date was with –



They took a beautiful train ride to Machu Picchu and spend a day exploring. They talk and Lauren really tells him how she feels about him. Arie sees a special sparkle in her eye. He realizes that he doesn’t know if he could say goodbye to her. He loves Lauren so much.


Arie visits her hotel room at night, Lauren doesn’t hold anything back. She loves Arie more than she has ever loved anyone before. She said that he is the one for her, and she doesn’t doubt it one bit. The love she has for Arie is a love she has never felt before.


At this point, Arie is thinking that Lauren is the one he will be choosing.

Boy does this continue getting difficult.

His next last date is with –



Their date was a bit simple. They toured the streets of Peru. They shopped, and talked a lot.


Becca had a lot of questions for him. She wanted to get answers because she felt that since there is 1 more woman left, she can’t be 100% confident just yet.

Arie seemed to calm Becca’s nerves because when he visited her hotel room, she looked more relaxed, at peace and very happy.

Their time together was very sweet. Arie told Becca that he is in love with her. And Becca gave Arie a scrapbook with a letter she personally wrote for him.


After this, Arie was so confused. But by the time Neil Lane visited Arie, it seemed that his decision has been made. So, it was even easier for him to choose a ring.


Now that everything was – almost – said and done, we just had to wait & see who will get out of the limo first? Who will Arie choose?


Becca or Lauren ?


It was pretty torn, some people expected Lauren to be the one, and others preferred Becca.

The first person to get out of the limo was —-



This obviously meant that he chose Becca. So he, unfortunately, had to break it off with Lauren first.

Lauren looked absolutely stunning in her dress. It sucked that she was about to have her heart broken.


It was so difficult and she was not expecting it at all.


She was so hurt and it was hard to watch – (even though that wasn’t the only thing hard to watch last night.)

Now Arie had to recover and wait for Becca to arrive.

And she did arrive in a beautiful black dress. She also looked very happy. It seemed like she had a feeling that Arie was going to choose her.


She was nervous but she started her speech, telling him that she knows he is the one she is meant to be with. That’s when Arie started telling her that he chooses her and will choose her every single day of their lives. He then got down on one knee and proposed to Becca.


She obviously accepted.


And just like that Arie was engaged to Becca.

Happily Ever After!

The End!

Yeah right!

It didn’t end there.

We were able to see how their relationship was right after he proposed to her.


They seemed so happy and in love. That was until Arie decided that he was still in love with Lauren.

He went to sleep thinking of Lauren. Woke up thinking of Lauren. Ate and thought of Lauren. Used the bathroom and thought of Lauren. Lauren. Lauren. Lauren.

The point? He couldn’t continue a relationship with Becca because he was still in love with Lauren.

So what he did was brought a camera and crew to his hiding place with Becca. And basically broke up with her in front of the entire US.


It was like a train wreck. You don’t want to stare, but you can’t look away. I don’t even want to talk to much about this, because I respect Becca enough to know this was such a devastating embarrassing moment.

She continuously kept telling him to leave, and it seems like he just didn’t get it.

In the end, he realized that there really was nothing else to say. He left. And she was there on the couch, as heart broken as ever.


Unfortunately, this is basically where this episode ended. It was over 3 hours and they couldn’t continue it.

This is why, tonight at 8 PM they will be airing an After The Final Rose Special in which Chris Harrison speaks to both Becca & Lauren. And there is a possibility that they will also announce the 14th Bachelorette!

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Come back tomorrow for the After the Final Rose recap.








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