Fantasy Suites in Peru – Bachelor Ep. 10 Recap

Everyone knows that because there are only 3 women left, the fantasy suite dates have finally arrived. It’s pretty much the same thing every season, they go on dates, express their feelings, go to dinner and then either accept or decline the fantasy suite date card. But this season there was something that was a little different, and that is Ross. A little more on that later.

So who gets the first date in Peru?



She meets up with Arie in the sand dunes of Peru. She seemed to so excited to see him as was he to see her.


They ride a dune buggy and go sand boarding. After, they have a picnic afterwards. At that time they started talking about Arie meeting her family and how she was finally able to dig in deep and realize her true feelings for him. Kendall is falling in love with Arie.


Now it’s time for dinner. They talk some more about their feelings towards one another. Kendall is stating in her interview that she doesn’t know if she can accept a proposal yet, and she isn’t sure she will accept the fantasy suite date.


They continued talking, and Arie told Kendall that he is also falling in love with her. He then handed her the fantasy suite date card. She told him that she was hesitant, but after spending the whole day with him, she definitely wanted to forego their individual rooms.


It’s only natural that after they spend the night together, Arie makes Kendall breakfast then tells her one more time that he is falling in love with her.


It’s time for 2nd date in Peru with…..

Lauren B.


She is so pretty and seems to have a good heart, but I feel that she still has her guard up. Is she ready to let go and fall in love? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Their date was pretty amazing. A prop plane carries the them high above the famed Nazca Lines, a series of large scale geoglyphs carved in the ground for miles and miles. It’s a beautiful, unique cultural wonder. But even in such a beautiful setting, Arie felt that she wasn’t ready to let her guard down. 


That is why, after their plane ride, they talked about how she is really feeling about Arie. She told him that the more her love grows for him, the more fears she has. She just doesn’t want to lose him. While he felt that her fears were only natural, he cannot continue reassuring Lauren because they are wasting time.


During dinner, before Arie gave her the fantasy suite date card, Arie gave Lauren one last reassurance. Arie told Lauren that he loves her. Flat out. No hesitation. Lauren was in a state of shock. She told Arie that she also loves him. And she most absolutely accepted the fantasy suite date.


Waking up next to Arie was something Lauren can’t wait to do for the rest of his life. There were more I love yous and kisses.


Then off goes Arie to his last date with…..

Becca K.


Before Becca arrived, Arie said that his most comfortable relationship is with her. He feels extremely strong for her.


They spend the day on a catamaran doing normal things, like pretending to be Rose & Jack from Titanic.


Becca tells Arie that she was very nervous about him meeting her family, but in the end, she was happy that he did.


During dinner, Becca kept the theme going. She told Arie that she is in love with him, and Arie pulled a Ben Higgins, because he also told her that he loves her. She also accepted the fantasy suite date.



I mean could things get any better for Arie?


This is when Arie gets an unexpected visitor.

Ross – Becca K.’s Ex-Boyfriend.


Many things entered my mind – Didn’t they break up a while ago? Why is he here? How did he know they were in Peru.


He basically invited himself into Arie’s room, and sat down. He told Arie that he is still in love with Becca and that he didn’t know that the show ended with a possible proposal. Arie asked him if he knows how Becca feels towards him. He told him that he didn’t know, but he is going to get her. Arie then told him that if Becca decides to stay, he should respect their relationship moving forward. Arie was so angry and confused.


Ross then made his way to Becca’s hotel room.

Becca didn’t seem surprised, but she didn’t let him into her room.


They spoke on the staircase by her room. He told her that he loves her and she is what he wants. He wants to marry him. Becca told him that their relationship was toxic and unhealthy. She does not want to return to him and she is in love with Arie.


Ross seemed more upset than sad.


As he left, Becca visited Arie.


Becca told Arie that she doesn’t know why Ross would think it was okay to look for her. She also doesn’t want their relationship to be tainted because of this. She loves him. Arie was just hoping that if he does choose Becca this will not happen again.


Arie obviously needed to talk to someone about everything that has gone this week. That is why he speaks with Chris Harrison right before the rose ceremony.


My only thought was who is Arie going to send home?


At the rose ceremony, Arie asked Kendall if he could speak to her one more time.

He tells Kendall that although he has strong feelings for her, he doesn’t feel that she is ready for a proposal and his relationships with the other 2 women are stronger. He ended up sending Kendall home right there.


Even though Kendall was sad, she understood and thought that it was maybe for the best.


Both Lauren B. and Becca K. receive roses.


They are the Final 2. This means they will be meeting his family, and one of them will possible receive a proposal.


Who do you think will be the one Arie chooses?

Just one more week until we find out!









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