Hometowns – Bachelor Ep. 8 Recap

This is the week everyone anticipates the most, next to the final rose ceremony.

I mean, Arie meets 4 very different families, and the most difficult part is that he is falling in love with each of them. Maybe it’s not the same exact feeling for each one, but he does have very strong feelings for them. Which makes it so much more harder when it’s time to send someone home.

Let’s take a moment and recap.

Who’s home does Arie visit first?


Kendall –


Los Angeles, California


Everyone knows that out of the 4 women left, Kendall is the odd one. But she is extremely proud of the way she is.

That’s why she decided to take Arie to her Taxidermy warehouse. They toured it and then Kendall gave Arie a lesson on how to mount a rat.


He obviously thought it was really weird, but he just kept going with it because he really does like Kendall.

Afterwards they went to get something to drink and discuss their feelings toward one another.


Now that he felt a little comfortable, it was time to go to Kendall’s home.


Arie meets her mom Michelle, her dad Bob, her twin sister Kylie & her brother Colton.


As well all know, everyone starts talking and asking questions.


While Kendall is talking to her family, Kylie decides to take Arie away.


They talk about his relationship with Kendall. And he does tell her that he is falling for her. Which definitely surprises her. This was just a little taste of what he will be experiencing, because now it’s daddy’s turn to talk to him.


Bob explained to Arie that he cannot give his blessing for a proposal just yet, because Arie still does have 3 other girls, but if he knows that Kendall is the one, and if Kendall wants to marry him, he has his blessing, phewww

All in all, Kendall’s Hometown went really good. Let’s hope it continues this way.


Who’s next?

Tia –



Wiener, Arkansas


Tia decides to do something that will allow Arie to be in his element. They go racing.


This makes him a little more comfortable to meet the most southern family this season.


Arie meets Tia’s mom Denise, her dad Kenny, her brother Jason, her aunt Carol and her cousin Rhonda.


She is the princess of the family, so you already figured that their questions are not easy.



Her brother Jason asked Arie if the rumors are true. Is he a playboy? Will he play his sister? Arie obviously denied everything and said that what he feels for Tia is very real.


Her father also asked the same thing and Arie answered as best he could. He didn’t ask for his blessing, so that kind of took me by surprise. Is he not feeling as strongly for Tia?


Well we’ll just have to wait and see. But up this point, everything went well in Tia’s hometown.

Next hometown is —-

Becca K. –



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Cutest date thus far.

They went apple picking and made candy apples.


That’s an amazing date, at least for me!

Arie then goes to meet Becca’s family.


He meets her mom Jill, and uncle Gary. There are more family members there; however those 2 are the important ones, because after her father died, uncle Gary became her father figure.


All while their questions were difficult and both were very skeptical, Arie did receive Jill’s blessing. This make this hometown a success in my opinion.


Last but not lease we visit –

Lauren B. –


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Riding horses on a beach? Something everyone wants to experience at least once in their life. Apparently you can do this often in Virginia Beach.


Afterwards, they climb to the top of a lighthouse to enjoy the view.


How more romantic can this date get?


Well, I think the romanticism stops there, because it’s time to meet his possible in-laws.


Arie meets Lauren’s mom Pamela, her dad Dave, her brother, her sister, aunt and grandma. Big family. And they are not one to mess with.


During Arie’s visit, there were a lot of quiet awkward moments.




So it was extremely nerve-wracking when Dave asked to speak to Arie in private.


All he really wanted to do was let Arie know that Lauren is his baby and that he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but if he does love Lauren, and if Lauren loves him, he has his blessing.


Her mom was a bit skeptical, I mean who wouldn’t, but in the end she loves and trusts Lauren. She also gave her blessing.


Another successful hometown.


Now the biggest decision for Arie at that moment is who will he be sending home.


I don’t think I would ever be able to do that. Meeting someone’s family and then having to send them home, basically telling that person that she isn’t going to be the one he loves.

You would think that Arie would go in, call 3 names, send the 4th person home and that’s that. This time was a bit different.

He walked in, and then apologized, and walked right out. It seemed like he couldn’t make his decision, he needed more time to think.


When he walked back in, he asked to speak to Kendall in privacy. The remaining women got really nervous. They didn’t know what was going on.


Arie asked Kendall some questions, and in the end she told him that she didn’t to lose him. She is also falling deeply for him.


It seems like after that conversation, Arie got the clarity that was much needed.

The 3 women to receive roses are:

Becca K.


Lauren B.


& The last person to receive a rose is …



This leaves Tia devastated and going home. Arie doesn’t really have an explanation for her. Something just felt off.


I really haven’t seen anyone that is not the final 2 be so devastated in going home. I wonder what she’ll have to say in the Women Tell All.

Who will be Arie’s top 2? What will the women say on Sunday’s Women Tell All Special? Will Krystal be there? Does she have anything to say for herself? We’ll just have to wait & see.















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