When in Tuscany — Bachelor Ep. 7 Recap

So many people would think that this season is about to get boring because Krystal is no longer there. But the truth is that last nights episode had so much going on. I was drawn in, and I didn’t want to look away.

Let’s start from the top.

There are only 7 girls left: Becca K., Bekah M., Jacqueline, Lauren B., Kendall, Seinne & Tia. 

The girls & Arie arrive to the beautiful Tuscany, Italy. It is so beautiful and such a wonderful place for feelings to evolve and decisions to be made.


Chris Harrison meets up with the women to let them know how the week will unfold.


At the end of the week there will not be a rose ceremony. This week there will be four dates. Three One-on-One dates and one group date, with roses up for grabs on each date. Since hometowns are next week, Arie wants to be very certain on whose families he will be meeting.

The date card is already waiting for them as soon as they arrive to their suite. And the lucky lady to receive the first date in Tuscany is,

Becca K.


The date card read:

Yes, she was the girl to receive the first one-on-one date this season, but it was so so so long ago. And it seems that Arie is having some doubts. Before he even considers meeting her family, he needs to spend a day with her, and discuss important things.

Arie picks her up in a red convertible, and off they go on their 2nd one-on-one date.


He doesn’t really have anything planned. They are going to go with the flow and see where the day takes them.

They end up buying breads, cheeses and whatnot to then have a beautiful Italian picnic.


Becca then asks Arie if he is having any doubts about their relationship. He then explains to her that although their connection is strong, he feels as though they have been kind of stuck. Which is why he is hoping today will change that. She agrees with him, but tells him that she knows that their relationship could work and that is why she is still there.


This makes Arie feel a bit more comfortable in regards to their relationship, but we are just going to have to wait and see what dinner will bring.

During dinner, they go a little deeper into their relationship. So deep that Becca tells him that she is falling in love with him and can’t wait for him to meet her family.


It seems that Arie is definitely feeling the same, because he ends up giving Becca the rose. Arie will be going to Minnesota!

Back at the hotel room, the girls receive another date card. And the lucky lady is?

Lauren B.


The date card read: “Let’s break down our walls” 

Yes I know you are just as surprised as I was. She just received a date last week, and now she will get to spend a whole day with him again.


As the girls gossip over Lauren getting the next date, Jacqueline starts to overthink things. She did have an amazing date with him last week, but she doesn’t know if she is actually falling in love with him or just with the idea. The truth is, Jacqueline doesn’t want to get hurt, and that’s why she intentionally tries to sabotage things.


She walked to Arie’s room to tell him that she is having doubts, and wants to go home.


Arie couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want her to go home, but he respected her decision. He even told her that if she has any regrets, she is more than welcomed to go back to him. The girls were so surprised that Jacqueline was leaving. Bekah M. said that she respects her and doesn’t think she would be able to do the same even though she is having the same type of doubts.


While Jacqueline leaving did make Arie sad, he had to put that in the back of his mind because he now has a date with Lauren.

Arie meets up with Lauren in the streets of Italy. They then rent bikes, and go riding. He tries to show off and starts standing on his bike and doing tricks.



This time around, Lauren feels more comfortable with Arie. She was enjoying herself a lot during the day portion of the date.


Now it’s time for dinner. Lauren is a bit nervous because she wants to open up to Arie, but she is very scared, terrified even. She doesn’t want to go all in without reassurance, guarantee. But she also realizes that she could possibly regret not telling him how she feels. Lauren then tells Arie that she is actually falling very in love with him.


Then something unexpected occurred. Arie asked to be excused, and starts walking away.


Lauren starts getting very nervous and even starts getting teary eyed. So many thoughts were going through her head. Was he going to send her home? Does he not feel anything for her? Is she moving too fast?


Arie then returns, and tells her that he was surprised by what she told him, but he is feeling the same way. Lauren receives the rose, and Arie will be going to Virginia Beach!


The last one-on-one date card arrives. And it goes to —



The date card read: “I’m searching for the one” 

Arie introduces Seinne, to Guillio and his 2 dogs. They are going to search for truffles. Such a beautiful experience, and something she has always wanted to do.


Afterwards, Guillio takes them to meet his family. There, they make pasta, pizza, and answer some tough questions. But all in all, they had a great time.


Their entire day was full of people accompanying them, so this means that it is time for them to be alone.

Arie was having doubts because he doesn’t know how Seinne feels about him, and he doesn’t know if their relationship can make it through.


They start having a very deep meaningful conversation, and Seinne tells him that she is also falling for him. At this moment it seemed like Arie had a moment of clarity. He realized that he doesn’t feel as strongly for her, and it wouldn’t be fair to meet her family. Seinne is sent home, and all of the girls are so surprised.


This means that there will be 2 roses on the group date.


And as everyone can guess, the last group date card arrives right after they pick up Seinne’s bags. And the 3 girls are obviously

Bekah M., Tia & Kendall


The date card read: “Meet me at the Villa”

Arie waits for them at the villa, and the 3 girls are so very excited to see him.


They toast to the fact that this will be everyone’s last group date.


And then Arie steals Kendall first.


They talk about how exciting would it be, for him to meet her family. She also tells him that she knows their relationship could work. They’ll be great together. And to me it seems like Arie agrees.


Now it’s Tia’s turn to speak with him. She does something so surprising. She tells Arie that she doesn’t feel that Bekah M. is ready to settle down meanwhile she is. Since Arie is so very difficult to read at times, I don’t know what he was thinking at that moment.


Tia then returns to Bekah M. and basically told her everything she told Arie. It broke my heart to see how sad Bekah was.


She started walking and crying, and finally caught up to Arie. He hugged her, consoled her, and told her that everything was going to be alright.


After she calmed down, he had the serious conversation with her. Bekah says that she is 100% ready to have him meet her family, even though they are opposed to this experience and her being apart of it.


He was able to speak to all 3 women, and he made the decision on who will be receiving the first rose.




Now Kendall has to go back to the hotel, and the date turns into a two-on-one.


Tia & Bekah go to dinner with Arie.


Arie goes to speak with Tia first. She tells him that her feelings for him have not changed one bit, and she is still falling in love with him. She really hopes her can at least consider going to meet her family.


It’s Bekah’s turn! Arie tells her again how nervous their relationship makes him. There is so much uncertainty. But she tells him that she knows he’ll make the most logical decision.


And of course, the most dreaded time arrives.

Arie now has to give a rose to someone, and send someone else home.


The last hometown rose goes to —–



Arie will be going to Arkansa!

It totally sucks that Bekah will be going home because she did have a strong connection with him. But in the end she couldn’t guarantee that she will accept a proposal, or that she would be ready for any of that. It definitely hurt Arie, but he had to make a decision, the best decision for him.


We are finally down to the last 4 – Becca K., Lauren B., Kendall & Tia.

If Arie thought this week was hard, just wait and see how it will be once he has met 4 very different families.

We’ll just have to wait and see next week!





P.S. Don’t forget to return next Tuesday for the recap on hometowns!

Oh and remember – The Bachelor Winter Games premieres tonight! 








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