Wishes do come true, especially in Paris! – Bachelor Ep. 6 Recap

In just a couple weeks Arie will be meeting 4 very different families. This makes the process a little bit more serious.

And with that, I will be recapping last nights episode.

The start of the episode was a blur to tell you the truth.

Arie and the remaining 10 women arrive to Paris, France! Yes, one of the most romantic cities in all of the world. They are oh so very lucky. Well not all of them, but we’ll get to that a little later.


Arie’s talking to Chris Harrison about how difficult the decisions are getting. He goes on a date with someone, he could see a future with her, then he goes on another date with someone else, and he can also see a future with her as well. At the beginning, that was great because he was on the right path, but now that we are only 2 weeks from hometowns, decisions become tougher and more women go home.


Chris obviously was tired of talking to Arie, so he decided to visit the women, and give them some news.


This week is going to be a bit different. There will be 4 dates. 2 One-on-One dates, A Group Date & the all time dreaded Two-on-One date. The biggest surprise was that Krystal is somehow expecting to be on that dreaded date.

But before we go into the two-on-one, Chris Harrison leaves the first date card. & the very lucky lady is….

Lauren B.


The date card read: “Let’s fall in love in Paris” 

She has been anxiously awaiting this date, but her nerves were seeping through her pores. I hope this doesn’t affect her in anyway.

They began their date by taking a beautiful gondola ride. I mean if you don’t fall in love in this setting, you are dead.


After their gondola ride, they decided to take a tour around the beautiful France Streets. And to be completely honest, I was falling asleep. Lauren I guess was so nervous, she really didn’t know how to talk to Arie. This wasn’t good at all. If she continues at this rate, she could possibly be sent home that same evening.

Let’s fast forward to dinner, to what I hope will be far more interesting than the day portion.


During dinner Arie starts asking Lauren questions to see if he could get a little more than just “wow”. That is when she confesses to Arie that she has a lot of trust issues, and this goes back to her parent’s rocky relationship. And after she finally thought she found the person she was going to be with, her engagement went south. After she became engaged, her finace at the time started treating her badly. She has a very hard time trusting, but she is trying to let her guard down with Arie.


He felt such a connection and wanted to move forward.

Lauren received the rose.


Back at their hotel, the girls received the group date card. With this, they are able to determine what 3 girls will have the possibility of getting the two-on-one.

And the girls going on the group date are: Becca K, Bekah M., Chelsea, Jenna, Tia & Seinne.


The group date card read: Let’s get all dressed up.


This means that Jacqueline, Kendall & Krystal are in the run for the dreaded date.


The 6 women are so excited, not only because they get to see Arie, but because they don’t have to go on the Two-on-One date.

What does Arie have planned for them? Nothing else, but visiting The Moulin Rouge. Can this get any better?


The girls go on stage and practice some dance moves with the choreographer. Afterwards, they change into costumes and model for Arie. But that’s not where it ends. Arie still has to give a rose in the after party, and whoever receives the rose, gets to dance with Arie on stage with the professional dancers, while the other girls sit and watch. That’s when the girls got a bit competitive when talking to Arie.


He spoke to girl after girl after girl, in the end to give a rose to none other than Bekah M.


Bekah M was obviously so excited. This was definitely in her alley. The other 5 girls, however, were so pissed.


So while Bekah M. danced with Arie and the other girls pouted, Krystal found the next date card.


Was it the Two-on-One or the One-on-One?

Krystal began reading: “Two women one rose, one stays, one goes” It also read: “We’ll always have Paris.


And the 2 that will be attending that date are:

Krystal & Kendall!


That obviously didn’t take me by surprise. I am not a Krystal fan at all. I mean does anyone else really want her to continue?


They meet up with Arie in a beautiful Chateau. That still doesn’t stop everyone from being a it anxious. I mean we all know that Krystal needs to go home, but does Arie know this?


Kendall & Krystal go through a maze in which they have to try and find Arie who will be waiting for them in the middle.


Krystal obviously found Arie first. I guess she has a K-9 sense of smell.


Moving forward, they sit and toast. Krystal talks to Arie first.


So you would think she would just talk about her and Arie’s relationship, and yes she does do that at first. But after, she starts talking about how she doesn’t even know why Kendall is even there, and that she thinks Kendall isn’t ready for love.


Arie obviously likes to get things out in the open, so he decided to speak to Kendall in regards to what Krystal said. She spoke to him as best as she could, but she was nervous because the seed was already implanted.


Kendall, being the bigger person decided to speak to Krystal. She empathized with her, and left her speechless.


Arie decided that he was not going to give the rose just yet. He will be sending someone home during dinner.


My anticipation grew even larger! Krystal just kept trying to minimize Kendall and her feelings. All she really wants to do is win. She really doesn’t care about Arie or anything else for that matter.


At dinner, Arie only asked to speak to Kendall. Upon returning to the table, he decided that he wanted to continue his relationship with Kendall. Krystal will be on her way! Have a great 15 hour flight back!




The longest date of history was finally over. Now it’s time for Jacqueline to have her One-on-One date.

Arie picked her up in a red triumph, but it only took them 2 seconds for the car to break down. They had to continue their date on bus and foot. But that doesn’t ruin their date.


They go shopping and seem to have fun doing so. After, they have dinner, where Jacqueline opens up, and becomes vulnerable. Arie just couldn’t let her go. She also receives a rose.


Because of so many dates and so much clarity, Arie decides to cancel the cocktail party and goes straight to the rose ceremony.


Krystal has already gone home. Lauren B., Bekah M., Kendall & Jacqueline have roses, so they are safe. This means only 3 more girls will be moving forward, and 2 more will be going home.


The following women receive roses:






Becca K.


Goodbye to Chelsea & Jenna! But something tells me they will not have a problem finding  date in the future.


After the rose ceremony was over, Lauren B. was being interviewed. She was not happy at all. Her feelings for Arie are growing so very strong and she doesn’t want to share him with anyone else.


Will she have a hard time next week? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Next Stop? Tuscany, Italy and to me, it seems that a lot of drama will be headed that way!











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