My hometown – Well kind of – Bachelor Ep. 5 Recap

Well well well –

Arie is already half way done. His journey will be coming to a close in about 5 weeks more or less.

Let us begin with this —- Is this still The Bachelor? Or did they change it to The Krystal Show?


She is just trying to get as much attention as possible. Unfortunately, everyone is giving it to her.

But I really don’t care right now, and I’m pretty sure she’ll come up again later.

We’ll start from the top!

The girls and Arie arrive to Ft. Lauderdale Florida, riding bikes on the boardwalk, walking on the beach, staying at The W Hotel. Really a dream come true.


After the girls have have settled in, Arie visited them, not only to see how they were doing, but to ask out one of the girls, the first one-on-one date of the week.



And that lucky girl happens to be –



The first girl to receive the first impression rose, and the first girl to not receive a date card because The Bachelor decided to ask her out personally.

Arie takes her to a dock because they will be spending their day on a beautiful yacht. Just with that, you know the date is going to be amazing.


On the yacht, they drink champagne, talk and kiss. And of course, what’s Miami without jet skis?


For dinner, Arie takes Chelsea to a Car Museum where dinner is set up for them. They are finally able to have a deep conversation in which Chelsea tells Arie about her past relationship and how affected she was after everything was said and done.


Arie always had an extremely strong connection with Chelsea since the very beginning. And the connection either continued, or just got stronger after this date.


Chelsea received the rose.


And whats the bachelor without a private concert after you receive a rose?


Back at the hotel, a few things were happening.

Lauren B. was complaining because she was expecting to receive the first one-on-one date of the week. But maybe he’s saving something very special for you LB.


Did something else happen? Yes, yes it did.

Maquel came back!


Her grandfather passed away the week before, but after the funeral, her family/friends told her that she should give herself a chance, to see if this whole thing with Arie can possibly work out.

Afterwards, the girls received the group date card.

Seinne read it aloud.


And the 10 girls going on the group date are: Maquel, Krystal, Becca M., Becca K., Jenna, Sienne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Jacqueline, & Lauren B. The date card read – “There’s not a moment to spare…” 

This means that Tia will be getting the last one-on-one date in Ft. Lauderdale.


The 10 girls meet up with Arie in a bowling alley. They have to be split up into 2 teams. The winning team gets to spend time with Arie in the after party, while the losing team has to go back to the hotel.


The first team is “The Spare Roses” A.K.A. The Blue Team. The girls on this team are:

Becca K., Jacqueline, Jenna, Krystal & Maquel.


The second team is “Pin Ups” A.K.A. The Pink Team. And the girls on this team are:

Ashley, Bekah M., Kendall, Lauren B., Marikh & Seinne. 


After a lot of bowling, drinking and eating, The Spare Roses won by a landslide.


Arie then felt very bad about having to send the other girls back to their hotel room. So he then decided that all of them will be attending the after party.


This, however, upset Krystal so much that she began insulting Arie, calling him a liar, and stating that she does not know if she could ever trust him again. She decides that she was not going to go to the after party. It’s not like she would be missed anyways.


Not shortly after Arie arrives to the after party, the girls then tell him everything that Krystal said about him. You could definitely see that he was very upset, so he went to see Krystal and talk this over with her.


Arie was so upset. He told her that she shouldn’t hide every time they have a problem. He also told her that she should just stay in her room and he’ll see her the day of the rose ceremony. Krystal was basically grounded; however she didn’t seem to care.


After Arie went down stairs and began having his conversation with the girls, Krystal decided to get ready and crash the party. Lets just celebrate the fact that she didn’t see Arie and the girls ripped her a new one. She wasn’t even at the party for 5 minutes when the girls basically shunned her. She went back to her room.


Arie was not phased because he didn’t see her and was having such an amazing conversation with Lauren B. So much so, that she ended up getting the group date rose.


The next day finally arrived, and now it was Tia’s turn for some uninterrupted time.


She arrived to The Everglades for an air boat tour. They visit a man who has built his home in the middle of The Everglades. They try different foods and talk, laugh, and get to know each other a little better.


This date was perfect for Tia. Good Job Arie!

At dinner, Tia finally tells Arie that she is falling in love with him. This will make her the first girl this season to let her guard down and express all of her feelings. Arie’s feelings for Tia are growing as well, and that’s why she receives the rose.


The cocktail party has arrived! Their Florida visit is coming to an end. But before they leave, we have to see Krystal be a hypocrite, and Arie sending some people home.

The party was basically like all of the previous ones. Krystal tries to manipulate Arie and tries to  make her peace with the girls, even though they know better, but I guess she doesn’t. I mean who can really trust her at this point?


Now who do you think we’ll be going home?


Really question is – Who do you want to go home?


Reminder: Chelsea, Lauren B. & Tia have roses so they are safe.


The following women receive roses, and will be traveling to Paris, the city of love, next week: Bekah M., Seinne, Kendall, Becca K., Jacqueline, Jenna & Krystal.

This ends Ashley, Maquel & Marikh’s journey. Wishing them nothing but the best!

Now, lets just hope Krystal finally goes home next week! That’s pretty much all I have to say.

Hope you join me for next week Paris’ recap!














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