Drama in Lake Tahoe – Bachelor Ep. 4 Recap

At the end of last nights episode I was scratching my head for various reasons.


A question only Arie can answer. So while we wait for that to happen, I’ll recap the episode.

The episode started out with the girls discussing Bekah M.’s age.


Okay, I completely understand that she is only 22, 14 years younger than Arie, but in the end, it’s really no one’s business. If Arie want’s to keep her there, that’s all on him.

Moving on —-

Chris Harrison walks into the mansion to give the girls some good news! They are leaving the mansion forever, to start their journey around the world.


First Stop? South Lake Tahoe in Nevada


It really doesn’t get more exiting than this for them. I mean they finally get to leave the house and possibly get a date with Arie.


The women arrive to their “home” for the next week.


Upon arriving, they receive a date card which Bekah M. takes the initiative to read.


And the lucky person who gets the first One-on-One date this week is…….



The date card read: “Let’s let our love soar”

Seinne is so nervous about her date because the last one-on-one date was with Lauren S. and she was sent home that same night. If I were her, I would be just as nervous. I was just hoping her being nervous doesn’t affect her getting a rose.

Arie picks her up and they go to the lake on a boat, to go parasailing. They had such a fun time.


Afterwards, they had a picnic and got to know each other a little better.


Krystal was back in the hotel room being as salty as ever.


She said that Seinne probably won’t get a rose and that makes her so happy. How can you be thrilled over someone else’s downfall?

That was not the only thing that happened at the hotel. Maquel received a phone call. Her grandpa passed away suddenly. She packed up her bags to go back home.


Now going back to Seinne’s date, Krystal thinks she knows everything, but the truth is that she doesn’t.  Arie is having such a wonderful time. During dinner Seinne receives the rose. In your face Krystal!


After she receives the rose, they head to a room in which Lanco is singing. They dance and kiss, and kiss and dance. Arie seems to be very into Seinne.


The group date card finally arrived.

Becca K. reads it aloud.


The following women will be joining Arie on a group date in Lake Tahoe:

Chelsea, Krystal, Becca K., Marikh, Ashley, Jacqueline, Jenna, Tia, Kendall, Lauren B., Brittany & Caroline.

The date card read: “Will our love survive?”

With this, it was pretty obvious that the next One-on-One date belongs to Bekah M.


The girls meet up with Arie in the forest.


They meet Mykel Hawke. He is a Retired Green Beret Combat Commander.


The girls have to do things in which they probably aren’t comfortable doing, like eating bugs, which makes Kendall is so happy because she loves the outdoors.


And of course, while all of these things are happening Krystal said that everyone is acting desperate and blah blah blah. I don’t really understand her, is she confident or insecure? Well I’ll get to that later.


Now the women and Arie have to split up into 3 teams. They have to navigate through the forest to get to a special place. Arie is in the blue team.


Arie’s team obviously got to the “special” place first, which by the way is a hot tub with a lot of champagne. The other teams got a little lost, but they eventually got there.


Krystal was talking crap the whole time saying that everyone was acting desperate and juvenile. Well honey, making us listen to you talk about this is actually juvenile. Stop talking please!

At the after party, Krystal decided to play a little mind game and told Arie that she feels ganged up on by Tia & Caroline. She even shed a few tears. Well played Krystal, well played.


And since Krystal thinks she’s playing chess, she goes to speak with Tia & Caroline and try to manipulate them as well. They obviously see right through her. Bye Krystal.



Tia then goes to talk to Arie. I loved her conversation with him. She was very vulnerable, didn’t talk about the other girls, and told Arie exactly how she’s feeling toward him.


That is basically the reason why Arie gave her the rose.


Not your week is it Krystal?


This time around, we didn’t see Bekah M. receive her date card. It was pretty obvious that she was going to receive the next One-on-One date.

Bekah meets up with Arie. They go horseback riding, but the only thing on my mind at that moment is – “What will his reaction be once he finds out her age?”


The horses take them to a beautiful hot tub in the middle of nowhere. Such a beautiful romantic moment.


During dinner, Bekah finally confesses her age to Arie. And boy was he surprised.

He was in shock and speechless. Arie didn’t know how to move forward. Is she mature enough? Is she ready? Should a rose be given to her? Will she break his heart? Bekah was scared that he was going to be sent home.


In the end, he decided that his connection with Bekah was far more important than any other doubt. Bekah received the rose.


A surprise was headed towards the girls.


While they are waiting for the cocktail party to begin, Chris Harrison walks in to let them know that Arie knows exactly who he is going to send home. The cocktail party was cancelled and the rose ceremony was going to start immediately.


The women who did not have a rose were very anxious, and that included Krystal. Which is why, before Arie started handing out the roses, she asks to speak with him.


She just wanted to let him know that she is in this for him and blah blah blah. I mean how much more insecure can she be? Or maybe, she’s just playing this game so he can keep her here longer.

Now Arie started handing out roses. Since Seinne, Tia, & Bekah M. have roses, he has to hand out only 9 more roses.


The following women receive roses and get to continue their journey with Arie:

Lauren B., Kendall, Ashley, Becca K., Chelsea, Jenna, Jacqueline, Marikh –

& the last rose goes to —-

Krystal -.-

This means, Brittany & Caroline will be going home. It totally sucks, but I wish them both nothing but the best.


Next week seems to be a very interesting one. They’ll be headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Who will be getting dates? Will he finally be able to see Krystal’s hypocrisy? We’ll just have to wait & see!




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