Wrestling, Dogs & Tears: Oh my! – Bachelor Ep. 3 Recap

I know I’m almost 24 hours late with this recap – But, I mean life happens.

Watching Monday nights episode only once was definitely not enough!

So many questions are going around. Does anyone really like Krystal? Why is she still there? Why do the women get scared every time the doorbell rings?

The beginning of the episode, was a recap of last weeks episode. And yes, Krystal was basically the entire recap.


Week 3 has started and tensions are growing high. The girls look so tired and stressed.


Then in walks Chris Harrison with some news and the awaited date card.


This week’s only going to have 1 One-on-One date and 2 Group Dates. And everyone obviously is hoping to get the One-on-One.

Lauren S. grabs the date card to read it aloud.


The following women will be going on the first group date of the week: Maquel, Jacqueline, Lauren B., Tia, Marikh, Bekah M., Bibiana & Krystal.

The date card read: “It’s all about the ring”

As soon as they arrive on the date, they see Chris Harrison, because of course, why not? He introduced Arie as the Kissing Bandit. I love that they continue using this as his alter ego.




GLOB? Glamour Ladies of Bachelor.

The women are going to have to wrestle against each other in front of a live audience.

To get them started, 2 original GLOW girls make an appearance:

Angelina & Ursula


So yeah, they were there to teach the girls to wrestle, and while I completely understand that they need to intimidate and teach the girls how to be tough, they offended a few girls.


But in the end the girls tried to make the best of the situation and kept on practicing until show time.


Before the women competed against each other, Arie had to wrestle himself, and not just with anyone. Someone from Season 13 of The Bachelorette, a professional wrestler.

Kenny “Pretty Boy Pittbull” King


What a big surprise it was when The Kissing Bandit ended up winning the fight!

Now it’s time to see the girls go at it.


First 2 were:

Bekah M. & Maquel


They started wrestling. To me it looked more like play fighting. In the end Maquel won.


Up next:

Krystal & Jacqueline


I think this wrestling match was the most hardcore. Krystal definitely doesn’t know her own strength or how annoying her voice is. So yeah, Krystal won.


Marikh & Lauren B.


Okay now this match was a little weird. They basically just touched, caressed and hugged each other. I wouldn’t be able to tell you who won.

Last up:

Tia & Bibiana


I cannot deny that these 2 girls are 2 of my favorites! So me saying that this was an amazing fight isn’t really fair, because I am totally biased. Tia won this match.


I am pretty sure all of the girls were relieved when they didn’t have to fight anymore and they could start drinking, gossiping and kissing Arie.


So of course Arie only sat down for less than 20 seconds before Krystal asked to speak to him first. This bothered Bibiana again. I mean what can we say? Krystal is not her cup of tea.


While talking to Arie, Krystal again is looking for reassurance. She asks him what she’s supposed to be doing on those group dates. Does she lay back? Does she become aggressive? Does she go home? – Okay I made up the last part, but you know where I’m going with this.


Afterwards, Bibiana does something I don’t think she should have done.

She tells Arie about her problems with Krystal. While yes, it is good for him to know these things, I feel that if another woman tells him he may see this as someone being jealous and just wanting to get rid of one more girl.


He moved on from this and went on to speak with the spicy, confident Bekah M. She is something else, and she definitely has more game than any other person I’ve ever met. Which is the reason why she received the group date rose.


Ha Ha Krystal!


Back at the house, the girls received another date card.

Kendall read the date card –


And the lucky lady who receives the only One-on-One date this week is:

Lauren S.


The date card read: You had me at Merlot.

Chelsea was so disappointed because she thought she was going to receive that date this week. Maybe next week Mommy?

While Lauren is getting ready for her date, Krystal is telling Marikh that girls are always jealous of her and so on and so forth. A waste of video time. Bleehhh


Lauren arrives and is greeted by Arie in front of a private jet. They are headed to Napa Valley.


They walk through the vineyard and drink wine. From the outside looking in, their date looked amazing. That was until dinner time.


Lauren was all over the place. Her conversations were not sticking to one topic, and she didn’t let Arie get a word in.


When they have footage of Arie eating, you know the date is not going that great.

So, while Lauren was babbling away, the girls receive a knock on their door. Yes, they got scared when the doorbell rang. They should already be expecting this.


Krystal reads the date card.


These women will be going on the last group date of the week: Ashley, Becca K., Brittany T., Jenna, Caroline, Chelsea & Analiese.

The date card read: “Love is ruff”

After the date card was read, Analiese started freaking out. She had a traumatic experience with dogs when she was a child. I am so sorry, but before going on the show, she should have fixed her traumatic issues.


Now let’s get back to Lauren S.’s date:

It was still going the same way it as when we left them. Arie was still eating and Lauren was still talking.

You could definitely tell that Arie was not into it.


He had to send her home. It was such a sad moment, but he didn’t feel the connection, and she understood because she wasn’t being herself.


Even though they have one less girl, this still didn’t stop the women from being surprised and Krystal from being slightly happy. Which is why she then again began upsetting the women by talking crap. Too much crap to even discuss.


The final group date is starting now!

We see Arie walking in the park, with his dog Bastian. He looks great!


As soon as the women arrive, he tells them that he has a surprise for them. We then see a group of beautiful dogs running toward them.


They meet the instructor for dynamo dogs. They are going to be doing tricks with the dogs on stage in front of an audience. Fred Willard was also there, co-hosting with Chris Harrison.


The women and the dogs didn’t seem to get along, because they did not obey them at all.


What did it matter really? Let’s go party!


This time around, Arie asked Chelsea to speak with him first. She is definitely a front runner.


The after party was the same as every other one. A lot of talking, kissing and drinking.

And then there’s Analiese.

She finally gets her time with Arie and the conversation did not go so well. There was no sexual chemistry. How much longer do you think she’ll last?


Long story short? Chelsea ended up getting the group date rose that night.


The longest week was finally coming to a close.

Yay for cocktail parties!


This cocktail party was a lot more stressful, not only for the women, but for me as well.

Bibiana prepared something very nice for Arie; however I guess she was moving too slow because he ended up using that location for almost all of the girls, not including her. This upset her so much. She didn’t get to talk to Arie at all that night.


Now we go on to Analiese. She has been realizing that her relationship with Arie is not moving as fast as others. She has yet to kiss. So she tries to make her move by asking him up to the balcony.

Then she asked Arie for something, you really don’t need to ask a guy. When it’s bound to happen it will happen. Analiese asked Arie for a kiss.


He then told her that he doesn’t feel that their relationship is there yet. Before they could finish the conversation, someone interrupts them.

All of this was way to much for Analiese so she went upstairs to cry and then compose herself to then steal Arie again.


This time she asked him for answers as to why he didn’t feel that he could kiss her. And well Arie did the only thing he could do, he sent her home. Arie didn’t see a future with Analiese and the connection lacked big time.


There really was no reason to continue the party. Rose Ceremony needs to start.


Arie gives roses to the following women:

Caroline, Kendall, Ashley, Lauren B., Brittany T., Becca K., Seinne, Krystal, Tia, Maquel, Jenna, Jacqueline & Marikh.

Bibiana is going home. SO SO Sad.


What’s next for her? Will she participate in Winter Games? Be on Bachelor In Paradise? Will they consider her to be the next Bachelorette? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, I will be loving her forever!

Who’s excited for next weeks episode? Looks like the traveling will begin! First Stop? Tahoe!











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