Really Krystal? – Bachelor Ep. 2 Recap

Okay, so Arie’s journey was said to start last week, Monday January 1st; however, to me, the real journey begins when the dates start, the drama unfolds, and tears roll down each and everyone’s face.

This episode started out like every other — Ha Ha Ha Just kidding! It started out with Arie on a motorcycle! O M G!



I would love to see that every single day of the year, but that’s not what this post is going to be about, sad I know, but I’m here just to recap last nights episode!

The 21 women arrived to the mansion, they started touring, opening up champagne at 9 in the morning, you know normal every day things.


Once they looked to be all settled in, sitting on the couch in the “living room”, they receive a visit from Chris Harrison.


He walks in, gives his whole spiel on dates, group dates and how the process works and then that’s when he leaves the first date card on the table.


Brittany T. grabs the date card, and everyone (including me), is very anxious to find out who is going to be the first woman to get date with The Bachelor this season.


And the lucky lady is….. Drum Roll Please

Becca K !


The date card read – “Hold on tight” 

You can only imagine that 20 pairs of eyes were staring at her, and only wishing they were the girl he chose to have his first date with. But Becca didn’t worry about that. She was only so very happy that he chose her. That definitely says something, he must have seen something very special in her on night one.

Arie then arrives on his motorcycle, in a leather jacket, and all of the girls have to pick up their jaws and empty out the drool from their buckets.


But ha ha, he’s not there to see them, he’s there to pick up his date, Becca K with the piercing blue eyes!

They go outside and of course every single girl follows them. He prepares Becca for his motorcycle. He zips up her leather jacket and puts on her helmet. They are ready to go on their first date!


You can already tell that this date is going to be a pretty amazing one. Then it gets even better when they arrive to a mansion. A mansion even bigger than the one the girls are staying at.


In the mansion there’s a lot of seafood and alcohol, obviously. Arie opens up the champagne and toasts with Becca. Then he tells her that her first surprise is right there. She turns around, and there’s…

Rachel Zoe – A very prestigious fashion designer


She brings out a rack of dresses and tells Becca that she is going to try on all of the dresses then choose her favorite one to wear to dinner with Arie that same evening. This was such a great surprise. Becca was so happy to try on the dresses and Arie was so very happy to have Becca smiling.


Well while Becca was trying on dresses and Arie was ohhing and ahhing, Chelsea and Krystal were gossiping about how they wish and don’t wish they were on the date at the same time.


Chelsea was jealous because she wanted to go on a motorcycle and wrap her arms around Arie, while Krystal was saying that she is happy he didn’t choose her because she’s seen bad motorcycle accidents and she would just be too scared. This to me, was actually a waste of 5 minutes.

Moving on –

We see Becca and Arie at the mansion again. He is showing her what dress he likes the best for that night, but he wants her to keep them all. Boy was she surprised.


But the surprises don’t end there. He then takes her outside and gets on one knee with some type of treasure chest. When he opens it, there are a pair of Louboutin Red Bottoms.


I mean, come on? Who wouldn’t love to be spoiled like this?

So, you’re probably thinking that’s it, they’re going to dinner. But nope! They sit down and start talking then Arie tells her that, he has another surprise for her.


Then a man with a suite case walks up and sends regards from Neil Lane. As he was walking up, I knew what was coming and I started hyperventilating just a bit.


Arie retrieves the suite case and tells Becca that this is going to go perfect with her outfit for the evening.


Wow! Wow! Wow!

And then Arie puts the earrings on her! I mean she is literally living every women’s wildest dreams!



Arie is such a smooth guy that he put on her earrings and plays with her hair, and kisses her, which leaves her speechless.


Not only does Arie have the nickname of Kissing Bandit, but Pillow Lips as well.

Now Becca has to do the walk of shame back into the house with many bags of dresses and wearing her Red Bottoms.


All of the women say that they love it, but they are so envious. You could definitely tell by the look on their faces.


Finally! Night time has arrived! Becca and Arie have dinner in a beautiful building.


They start talking about his last experience on the bachelor and the passing of her dad. Their connection is inevitable. Which is why it doesn’t surprise me that she receives the rose at the end of the night!


After she receives the rose, Arie tells Becca that she gets to keep the diamond earrings he put on her earlier today. Then he tells her he has one more surprise for her. They pull on a rope and confetti falls and covers them both. A wonderful way to end the evening.


Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the second date card arrived. Now if you religiously watch the bachelor, you know that there is always a pattern. First date is One on One then a group date and the last date is another one on one. This time things changes a bit.

Ashley read the second date card aloud. Much to everyone’s dismay, it was another one on one.


And the lucky lady to go on a second one on one date is……..



Oh my gooooooshhhh! The first thing she said was that she is not going to gloat. How long did that last Krystal? Huh?

Her date card read – “Home is where the heart is” 

For this date, Arie didn’t pick up Krystal. He sent a car over and they met up at an airport. They are going to fly to Scottsdale Arizona which is his home town.


Krystal said she felt very lucky. But this could possibly make Krystal think that she has the cat in the bag.

They arrive and Arie drives Krystal to his actual home in which they go through photo albums and watch old home videos. It gives Krystal a better understanding of Arie and how he was raised.


Then Arie does something no one was expecting. He took her to meet his parents, one of his brothers and his brothers wife. Wow. I feel like she did a good job asking the right questions and she wasn’t as annoying. It seemed like they liked her.


Afterwards, they flew back to Los Angeles to have dinner.


During dinner, Krystal tells Arie about how hard her childhood was and that she had to grow up very quickly. He was so understanding and supportive. He was glad that Krystal trusted him enough to tell him something so personal. That is the reason why he gave her the rose.


After Krystal receive the rose, they have a private concert by Connor Duermit. They slow danced and kissed. You could tell that Arie likes her a lot.


Back at the mansion, the last date card arrives.

Becca K reads that one aloud. This date is the group date, with 15 of the women.


The following women attended the group date: Maquel, Marikh, Tia, Valerie, Analiese, Lauren G., Kendall, Bekah M., Jenny, Seinne, Jenna, Caroline, Brittany T., Bibiana & Chelsea.

The date card read – “Let’s hit love head on” 


All 15 women meet up with Arie in a what seems like a race track with old cars in the middle of it. Then Arie comes out in a race car and all of the girls go crazy. He tells them that they are going to be doing Demolition Derby and if their car stops working, they are out of the game. Before they do that, he wants them to decorate their cars whichever way they want to.




While this is going on Analiese has what seems like a panic attack because she said that she had a traumatic experience with bumper cars. And this is when you see some women bringing out their claws. Jenny said that she doesn’t believe it and that all Analiese wants is attention from Arie. Well it’s better to get attention than not being noticed at all, K? Anyway, Arie made sure Analiese was okay and helped her put on her helmet and suite.


All of the women began driving. It was such a mess. All of the cars hitting one another.


All of the women wanted that trophy. In the end, the winner was Seinne, and Tia was runner up!


Brittney went so hardcore that she wasn’t feeling too well at night, so she missed the after party. At the after party, Bibiana was ready to steal him first, but of course Chelsea couldn’t help herself. She just had to tell Arie that she has a son, and see if that gets her any brownie points. Blehhhh


All of the girls started doing the same thing they did on night one, stealing him from each other, all night long. That made Bibiana very angry because she didn’t want to be rude and interrupt his time with any of the other girls, but the girls weren’t being considerate to her either.


To tell you the truth, I just wanted that night to be over. Arie give the rose to anyone but Chelsea or Jenny and lets go to bed.

Gladly he gave the rose to Seinne, whom not only deserved it because she won the demolition derby, but also had a lot of substance in her conversation with Arie earlier that evening.


The awaited cocktail party finally made its arrival. There were women that didn’t get to see him this week, so they were hoping to spend some alone time with him. If anyone lets them. He arrives and does his toast, and him being the gentleman that he is, he asks to speak with Brittany T. first to see how she is doing after the crazy demolition derby. He then handed her a certificate for most hardcore on the group date the day before.



Brittany felt special because he thought of her, even when she wasn’t on the group date after party.

All of the other women were very anxious. They didn’t know if they would get enough time with him, and who would receive a rose that night. The only women that were saved were, Becca K., Krystal & Seinne.

They all started playing the cat & mouse game. Stealing, pursuing and wanting to be pursued. Bibiana was still complaining about not getting time with him. At that point I was getting a little frustrated for her. She didn’t want to be rude or inconsiderate, but I don’t feel that many of the women thought the same.


And that brings us to Krystal. Remember her?


She had a one on one date with Arie this week and received a rose. Since it’s so early on and there is limited time you would think that she would sit back with her annoying voice and let the other girls [A.K.A. Bibiana] have some valuable time with him. But according to her, it is very important for her to check in with him because it has been a while since the last saw each other.

So while he was talking to Lauren B. (who didn’t have one date with him this week), Krystal interrupts because she needs to speak to him. In my mind I was like “You better make this count, because it just isn’t worth hearing you talk like a babyyy.”


Krystal: I missed youuuuuuuuu!

Arie: Yeah?

Krystal: Yeah. Did you miss meeeee?

Arie: Um, sure

Kiss here. Kiss there. And that’s about as good as it gets.


More valuable conversations would have been going on if she didn’t want to be greedy and need all this reassurance.


Yay! Bibiana finally gets her time with Arie! Which is a long time coming! I felt so bad for her.


So she’s talking with Arie for what’s been like only 2 minutes, when she gets rudely interrupted by Guess who?


Oh Krystal! I feel like she is very badly wanting to get slapped.


I mean that wasn’t necessary.

Does she not know that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

She not only pissed off Bibiana last night, she pissed off like 20 other girls. All of the girls were just sitting around waiting for him, yet here he was talking to Krystal, who not only had a one on one date, but also had some time with him at the beginning of the night.


Bibiana could not hold it in so when Krystal conveniently sat right next to her, words were said. Bibiana basically told her the truth. She needs to back off especially since she already had a rose. It isn’t fair for her to steal time from any of the women that haven’t had any. She was poise, straight to the point, not rude at all. I respect her so much for it! All of the girls definitely agreed with her.


A few minutes after their little dispute, the rose ceremony finally began. I don’t think Krystal wants Bibiana to get a rose tonight.

So as mentioned before, Becca K, Krystal & Seinne have roses.


The following women also received a rose last night:


Maquel, Jacqueline, Bekah M., Jenna, Chelsea, Lauren S., Tia, Analiese, Lauren B., Kendall, Brittany T., Ashley, Marikh, Caroline

And the last person to receive a rose is




That definitely left a sour taste in Krystal’s mouth. You could see it in her face.

This leaves, Valerie, Lauren G., and Jenny in tears on their way home.

When Jenny was leaving, she didn’t even say goodbye to Arie so he ran after her to try to explain why he made his decision. She didn’t even want to give him a hug.


She told him that she wasn’t sad about leaving him, she was sad about leaving her friends. Well then that’s why you’re leaving. Bye Jenny! See you at the Women Tell All.


Arie is now left with 18 women and ready to continue his journey!


What’s going to be happening next week? Who will get the one on one dates? Who will go home? Will Krystal & Bibiana continue their feud?

We’ll just have to wait and see on Monday January 15 on ABC!








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