Let the drama begin! *Bachelor Premiere Recap*

Whoa! That’s all I have to say about The Bachelor premiere. I mean I feel like so many things were happening, and at times I felt like I couldn’t catch up. But I did love it. It was a wonderful start to what seems like an amazing season!

Let us start at the very beginning of the episode:

How hard was it re-living Arie’s departure in Emily’s Season?


When I first saw this season I didn’t realize how much it affected Arie to say goodbye to Emily. But here we are 5 years later, and Arie has yet to have been in love since Emily. It must have been extremely difficult for him. She was the love of his life until a short time ago. Too sad to even continue talking about –

Moving forward, we see our 17th Bachelor Sean Lowe, his wife Catherine and son  Samuel visiting Arie to give him some advice and wish him the best of luck on his journey.


Arie and Sean were both on Season 8 of The Bachelorette, and they were best friends as well. It is only natural that not only a past Bachelor but his best friend would arrive to give him advice. I loved that because I was able to see Baby Samuel on T.V. (so freaking cute!) and, them visit him was the best thing because that was when he really realized that he does want to fall in love, get married and have kids. Even though The Bachelorette was his biggest heartbreak, he is soooo ready to meet the 29 women and get this journey started.

Now we get to meet SOME of the 29 women who will be vying for Arie’s heart:

Chelsea – 29 – Single mom from Maine.


Nothing really interesting going on in her intro. She was just preparing lunch for her son and then went to a bar with her friends. Even though it wasn’t that interesting, I felt a vibe. She is someone we will definitely have to watch out for.

Caroline – 26 – A realtor from Ft. Lauderdale Florida.


She is going to be one of my favorites. Caroline is absolutely gorgeous. Getting married and having children is at the top of her priority list.

Maquel – 23 – Photographer from Utah.


She is absolutely, drop dead gorgeous, and claims to be ready to settle down. However, Arie can possibly doubt that due to her age. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Nysha – 30 – Orthopedic Nurse from South Carolina.


She said that she loves her job because of all of the wounds and blood she sees. I found it a little bit creepy. But she is also an adrenaline junkie and Arie could possibly find her very attractive because of that.

Tia – 26 – Physical Therapist from Weiner Arkansa


Just from seeing her picture a few weeks ago, I knew Tia would be one of my favorites. It turns out that she is also best friends with Raven Gates from Nick’s Season of the Bachelor, which makes me love her more. Do you think she could be the one for Arie? I am definitely going to be rooting for her!

Kendall – 26 – Creative Director & Taxidermist in Los Angeles.


Beautiful, confident and plays the ukulele, I mean come on! Need I say more?

Bekah M. – No age? – A Nanny in Los Angeles.


She’s cute, bubbly and loves to rock climb. Will her age be an issue?

Marikh – 27 – Restaurant Owner in Salt Lake City Utah


Kim K. look alike. Will she have a Kim K personality? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Krystal – 29 – Online Fitness Coach in San Diego California


She helps the homeless because her brother is also homeless, she tried to help him he doesn’t want it, so on and so forth. I really don’t like talking bad about people, but will she be using this as a way to get all of Arie’s attention? Too early to tell, but who really knows?

The introduction videos are finally done, and now Arie stands in front of the machine waiting to meet all 29 beautiful ladies.


Now this year is a bit different. Normally almost every woman goes out of their way to look like a fool (to say the least), this time they all acted pretty normal which kind of scares me. Their crazy will be coming out later on as the weeks go by!

Since they’re entrances weren’t that fascinating, we’ll go by each one and I’ll tell you what I think of them. I’ll make it quick.

First lady out of the limo is …. drum roll please ….

Can’t forget all of the oooooing and ahhhing and screaming the girls make before the first one catapults out.

Caroline (26) is the first one out. She was one of the intro videos – Realtor from Ft. Lauderdale Florida – She seemed very poise, elegant and ready for whatever is going to be coming her way. It seemed like our bachelor liked her a lot!


The mommy is out next – Chelsea (29) – Real Estate Executive Assistant from South Portland Maine – She sort of lost her train of thought while talking to Arie, or did she really? Maybe she just wanted to seem interesting, mysterious, whatever.


Kendall (26) – Creative Director & Taxidermist from Los Angeles, California – She really didn’t speak much because the poor thing was extremely nervous.


Seinne (27) – Commercial Real Estate Manager from Newport Beach, California – Very beautiful and seems to be very confident as well. She gave Arie a gift. Elephant cuff links because they represent loyalty and luck and omgahhh what a cute meaning behind such a beautiful gift.


Tia (26) Physical Therapist from Weiner Arkansa – A beautiful green dress. Fell in love with it. She also gave Arie a gift. Something that represents the name of her city, a Weiner whistle. So funny. And as she was leaving, he said that he liked her. She could be a front runner.


Bibiana (30) – Executive Assistant from Miami Beach, Florida – With the Miami girl talk -.- I hear enough of it out on the streets. She seems like she is going to be feisty and will not let anyone step on her toes.


Bri (25) – Sporte Reporter from Grant Pass, Oregon – Her dress was absolutely beautiful, but she was kind of bleh, I totally forgot about her after she said hi to Arie.


Jenny (25) – Graphic Designer from Chicago, Illinois – Has a cute laugh and very good presence. All I thought was that I hope he keeps her past night one.


Brittane J. (27) – Marketing Manager from San Diego, California – Now let me just start by saying that her make up was on point. She gave Arie a bumper sticker that said “Nice Butt” and she also touched his butt while putting the sticker on him!


Jacqueline (26) – Research Coordinator from Morgantown, West Virginia- Very beautiful but not as memorable, at least not to me.


Krystal (29) – Online Fitness Coach from San Diego, California – She was also on the intro videos and to me it seemed like Arie was taken aback by how beautiful she is. She could also possibly be a front runner even though her voice is kind of annoying.


Nysha (30) – Orthopedic Nurse from Anderson, South Carolina – Also on the intro. Not a memorable entrance at all – Sorry 😦


Valerie (25) – Server from Murfreesboro, Tennessee – You could definitely tell that Arie liked her a lot.


Then comes Bekah – The Nanny from Los Angeles, California – in a 1965 Red Ford Mustang and a beautiful smile. Needless to say, he really enjoyed it.


I mean this is very memorable, on top of the fact that Arie felt very comfortable around her.

Jenna (28) – Social Media Manager from Upland, Indiana – Very upbeat, very hyper and talkative. Need I say more?


Jessica (26) – Television Host from Calgary, Alberta, Canada – And is already in love with Arie before she acutally met him. Her father met Arie years ago before he passed away. And he also watched Emily’s season with her and was rooting for him too. So since daddy maybe approves, she needs to marry him. Oh yeah and she gave him a rock.


Marikh (27) – Restaurant Owner from Salt Lake City, Utah – She is ready for some salt & pepper in her life or so she says.


Olivia (23) – Marketing Associate from Geneseo, Illinois – Who was also obsessed with him on Emily’s Season.


Becca K. (27) – Publicist from Prior Lake, Minnesota – From her stepping out of the limo, I knew she was going to be one of my faves. And then she had Arie kneel down and say “Are you ready to do the damn thing?” I loved it and so did he.


Now comes the limos with the Lauren’s –

Lauren S. (31) – Social Media Manager from Dallas, Texas – Very bubbly personality.


Lauren J. (33) – Recent Masters Graduate from New Roads, Louisiana – Poise and seems smart.


Lauren B. (25) – Tech Sales Person from Virginia Beach, Virginia – And according to people she has some big shoes to fill? Eh


Lauren G. (26) – Executive Recruiter from Indianapolis, Indiana – Beautiful and I think she’s a good person. Only time will tell.


And that’s enough with the Lauren’s because I just can’t anymore.


Ashley (25) – Real Estate Agent from West Palm Beach, Florida – Is it me or is everyone a real estate agent or has something to do with Social Media? Well either way, Ashley is beautiful and very simple which is a big plus.


Brittney T. (30) – Tech Recruiter from Belton, South Carolina – She told him that he is handsome in Dutch so that was a point in her favor.


Amber (29) – Business Owner from Denver Colorado – Owns a Spray Tan Company and I think that’s about it. Nothing else really.


Ali (27) – Personal Stylist from Lawton, Oklahoma – Who had him smell her pits then asked him if that was the best pit stop he’s ever had. Kinda weird. Maybe he likes it.


Annaliese (32) – Event Designer from San Mateo, California – She arrived dressed up as Arie’s alter ego – The Kissing Bandit – which was a good move, he wants to know what she really looks like, so he will be on the lookout for her.


Last but not least –

Maquel (23) – Photographer from American Fork, Utah – Shows up in a race car ready to steal Arie’s heart. She is very beautiful, so the girls better watch out.


29 Women? Too many to try and get to know before the end of the night but he’ll try his best!

Arie then enters the room, the girls get all hyped up and he gives a quick speech about how he completely understands what they are going through and that he is ready to find love with hopefully one of them.


So before he can even take a sip of his drink, Chelsea steals him right away. She said she wanted to be the first person he spoke to on this journey and hopefully the last. And well you can all guess that the ladies did not like it at all.

Arie seems to be attracted to her; however she isn’t the only one.

The women began the game of Stealing The Bachelor, which is a very popular game in past seasons. They would go in, one after another and they weren’t holding anything back.

It was only a few hours in, and the claws already started coming out. Chelsea was talking crap all episode along about every girl, and Bekah M. was instigating all around. It was kind of annoying to watch.

After some time, Brittney T. took Arie to race some tiny cars. She told him that if she won, he had to kiss her.

He started helping her out, just so she would win. And in the end she got the kiss she was waiting for.

Afterwards, Chelsea stole him one more time and the women were so very angry. This time she got what she wanted, a kiss which was way longer than he gave Brittney T.


This first cocktail party was pretty much just like every other season. The women steal him, he tries to get to know as much of them as possible, and then Chris Harrison comes out with the first impression rose. This not only is nerve wracking for the women, but it causes their claws to come out longer. Gifts and Pedicures were given and songs and kisses as well.

To tell you the truth, I thought Bekah M. was going to receive the first impression rose, but I was so very wrong.

Arie picked up the rose and began walking:


Until he found the woman who was going to receive the first rose this season.


Yup! Chelsea was the one. This is going to cause her ego to skyrocket and the women to dislike her even more, which declares her as the possible villain this season. She said that she isn’t competitive, but goes after what she wants. To me that’s being competitive, but whatever lets her sleep at night.

Now time for the rose ceremony :


This is the order in which they receive the roses: (Chelsea already has the first impression rose)

Becca K., Marikh, Kendall, Lauren G., Krystal, Bekah M., Lauren S., Sienne, Caroline, Brittney T., Bibiana, Annaliese, Jenna, Valerie, Jacqueline, Jenny, Lauren B., Ashley, Tia & Maquel gets the final rose.

This leaves Ali, Amber, Jessica, Olivia, Nysha, Bri, Brittane J., & Lauren J (he can’t keep all of the Lauren’s). This all leaves Ari with the remaining women cheering, toasting and preparing themselves for what’s to come!


I sort of expected these women to go home. I don’t feel they were as memorable to him as the other women who did receive a rose.

Now just by watching this first season, I could already tell that we are all in for one heck of a ride!

Do you think Arie will get engaged at the end? Who do you think will win over his heart? Do you have any faves? Do you dislike someone already? Let’s discuss in the comments below!






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