Janu-Arie has arrived

Happy New Year !


Happy Bachelor Monday!

Not only did 2018 arrive, but “The Kissing Bandit” AKA Arie will be making his debut tonight as the 22nd Bachelor.


Get your wine and snacks ready for the beginning of one interesting yet bumpy ride.

After anxiously waiting, months passing by, and so many questions going around, we finally get to see Arie meet his girls women!

This will be the first season that I do not know what’s going to be happening at all!

I always misbehave, and spoil it for myself. While past seasons were on, I knew things ahead of time, like who would go home each episode, who would make it all the way to hometowns and who even would possibly “win” the season in general. (yuck, I hate saying win/winner, because actual people and feelings are involved. But really? What other word can be used?)

This year is different. Spoilers have not come up on my screen these past few months. I am going to be just as surprised as you are each and every week! It kind of makes it a little more exciting for me, for that and for other reasons.

I feel like since we don’t know Arie as much as we know the other Bachelors, (Yes he was in a season of The Bachelorette, but as mentioned in one of my previous posts, he wasn’t as memorable), it will be very interesting seeing him try to “woo” girls and be the one in the driver seat this time around.

Arie as Bachelor, was a long time coming.

I hope we get to see him find his match. Someone that compliments him and is just all around perfect for him. To me, it doesn’t matter, if he makes the choice that people agree with, because the people/the fans aren’t the ones that are going to have to possibly spend the rest of their life with that one person. I hope he chooses someone that his heart agrees with. And, I honestly hope that this relationship is long lasting.

Who knows how this season will start or even how it will end? But I am sure that you do not want to miss the beginning of Arie’s journey! Tune in tonight on ABC to see him begin his search for what could possibly be a love that lasts a lifetime.

Make sure to come back tomorrow! I’ll be posting recaps along with my thoughts on the premiere, and my choices for his top 4.

This will be a weekly thing. If you don’t have time to watch or you would just like to know what I’m thinking about each episode, you can just stop by every Tuesday and the recap will be there!

Do you think Arie will find his person? Will this season be a good one? Are you excited?

Let’s discuss in comments below!






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