2 Down, 7 more to go!

I really don’t like to spoil things for people, so IF you have not watched The Voice this week, DO NOT continue reading! 


Who else is just as amazed as I am of last’s night episode & elimination on The Voice?

Let me start by saying that Portugal The Man has an amazing hit and I was so glad he was able to perform it.


Okay, now moving on —- I felt that the eliminating process yesterday was done a little quicker than before. Maybe it was because they eliminated 2 instead of just 1. I mean they do have to get the ball rolling since we are on our way to the semi-finals.

The first 2 people to get saved, were to me, a very obvious choice. Brooke Simpson & Addison Agen!

Not shortly after the commercial break, they announced the next 2 that were moving forward. I was so happy to see Keisha Renee & Noah Mac saved once again!

Afterwards, we were able to see what last seasons winner, Chris Blue has been up to. Signing with Alicia Keys, recording music, traveling and performing for a sold out concert? Every upcoming singers dream!


Now is when things got a little bit nerve wracking for me. I didn’t know who would be the next 2! Chloe Kohanski obviously moved forward, because I mean its Chloe! Adam Cunningham was next! I was so surprised to hear Carson say his name, but it was very well deserved due to his performance the night before!

Before they announce the last person who was saved by votes, Season 4’s winner, Daniel Bradbery performed her new song “Worth It”.


What a beautiful voice, and what a beautiful song!

Now it is time to announce the last person to be saved before 3 of them have to “compete against each other! That person is Red Marlow! That took every one by surprise. I honestly thought Davon would have taken that place!

Before the final 3 began their performance, the best couple in the world, Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton sang a beautiful collaboration, “You make it feel like Christmas”. And they sang it beautifully.


The “save me” performances as I’d like to call them were all very nicely done. Ashland Craft sang “Tonight I wanna cry” by Keith Urban. Shi’Ann Jones sang “At Last” by Etta James. And Devon Flemming sang “Ain’t no way” by Aretha Franklin.

The Voice - Season 13

Right after the last performance everyone got on Twitter and began voting for who they think should move on.

& the last person to get saved was ——– Devon Fleming!


I would still like to Congratulate Ashland and Shi’Ann for making it as far as they did, and I wish them nothing but the best on their future endeavors!

Only 8 Singers left, but only 1 can win “The Voice”! We have to wait and see what happens next week!




One thought on “2 Down, 7 more to go!

  1. Hi Tiny Tasha! Always like your synopsis of a show. I usually just fast forward when I watch the elimination shows so I welcome your take on everything. You are very fair and I enjoy your rendition. Example… Didn’t know that was Portugal the Man. Would have liked to have seen his performance. I am glad ShiAnn went home but I wish Noah😖 And Addison had gone too. Can’t wait till next week!



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