Why Janice? Why?

I really hope everyone was able to watch The Voice this week, and if you didn’t, DO NOT CONTINUE READING! 


Monday night was ahhhmazzingggg! But that didn’t stop people from continuously voting the wrong people off the show.

Last nights episode started out great. The first 2 contestants to get saved were Chloe Kohanski & Addison Agen! I mean of course!


And then Miley and her team wowed the audience with their performance of “I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain! It was great, so great, that I want to watch it over, and over again! You can feel the girl power on that team for sure!


Then after hearing the contestants make fun of one another, the next 2 were saved! Brooke Simpson & Davon Fleming! To be completely honest, that was no surprise for me.


Afterwards, Adam and his remaining 2 sang  “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac, and while I do love Adam Levine, something felt a little off in their performance last night.

The Voice - Season 13

So we’ll just skip that and go onto the next 2 that will be moving on, Red Marlow, and Noah Mac. Red was no surprise, and even though Noah’s performance on Monday wasn’t great, he still has a lot of people behind him just because he’s cute.


Out of every collaboration, Blake and Jennifer has to be one of my faves. They performed Blake’s latest single “I’ll name the Dogs” and they did one heck of a job. Such a beautiful song. It’s already downloaded and on my playlist!


Now that leaves us with just 5 contestants left. Who will move forward? Who will have to battle it out? The next 2 were no surprise to me, Ashland Craft & Keisha Renee. They did such an amazing job the night before, and deserved to move forward.


Obviously because the night had been going so great, I thought the next person to go through would be Janice Freeman, leaving Adam Cunningham and Shi’Ann Jones to duke it out on stage. But boy was I wrong, so very, very wrong. The next person to be saved was Shi’Ann Jones.


Not only was I surprised, but some of the judges were as well. Shi’Ann may have a strong low tone, but I do feel that she needs a bit more practice, she also needs to let go of the runs that she continuously does in every damn song. But there’s really not much more to say about her, because no matter what, she made it through to the next round.

That left Adam and Janice to sing against each other and had the viewers tweet who they vote for.


Yes they both did an amazing job, but Adam received the most votes and will be moving on, which leaves Janice to go home and Miley in tears.

Janice was an amazing performer and seemed to have a beautiful heart. She will forever be one of my favorites. I am still kind of upset that she was the one to go home!

Let’s see what next week brings for us on The Voice.

What do you think about Janice going home? Did you enjoy her performance? Do you think someone else needed to go home instead?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “Why Janice? Why?

  1. Hey TinyTasha, I loved and agreed on everything u said except for Addison. Don’t really care for her. But I agree with what u said about everyone especially ShiAnn. And my brother and I can’t understand her! I never…ever thought that Janice would go home. She was a powerhouse! But then the public sent Jon Mero home last week. How could they do that? Anyway, continue to give us all the info. I just love reading your blog. You have great insight!


  2. I think the audience the nation wide audience of them is more of a younger crowd. They are going to Vote for the younger contestants and the Disse it looks like they want to get have a country artist win this year that is my observation because three powerful singers left the voice I watch it every year and this year has been a surprise for me from the beginning that’s what I think thank you. vote for the younger contestants and itlooks like they want to have a country artist win this year that is my observation because three powerful singers left the voice I watch it every year and this year has been a surprise for me from the beginning that’s what I think thank you



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