In [preparation to] Meet Satan A.K.A. IMS Part 2 of PMS

Men have reverse PMS. Unlike women, they’re cranky 28 days out of the month.

― Sherrilyn Kenyon


Men having PMS, something that’s completely laughable.

I mean does that really exist?

The answers is: Yes, ladies, even men can fall victim to hormone fluctuations; but for obvious reasons it’s not called PMS. It’s called Irritable Male Syndrome. 

A eureka moment for me to be completely honest. I knew that there was a reason that men were so moody at times for no darn reason.

When & why do men get this? I’m pretty sure that’s what you all are wondering right about now. So just like I did with my last post about PMS, I did some research on IMS.


IMS is a result of high stress hormones levels and low testosterone levels. Men respond to it in different ways, some by acting out and others just get really depressed.

If you really think about it, men are sometimes like children. They can’t withstand much pain or any strong emotion because they then crack. So it is very “reasonable” as to why every time they feel overwhelmed or depressed, they begin having IMS Symptoms.

In my opinion, it’s like a cruel joke for men to get back at us for having PMS. Or just an excuse for them to yell at us without experiencing backlash.

I really don’t care why or when they get it. I am just so happy that my hypothesis was right this whole time. They weren’t moody for no reason at all.

If you want more information on this topic, go check out the book The Irritable Male Syndrome by Jed Diamond

The Irritable Male Syndrome by Jed Diamond

What do you guys thinks about IMS? Did you even know that this existed? Let’s discuss in the comments below.



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