Count your Blessings & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving All!


I am so ashamed to even admit this, but to me, (up until last year), Thanksgiving was just a holiday in which I got to eat yummy food and enjoy sweet desserts. But, believe it or not, I have changed since last Thanksgiving, and I have realized that yes, we get to eat and laugh and drink wine, but we also get to do something that is always taken for granted, spending time with family.

Now, I know most of you are able to spend time with your family everyday, or at least once a week. Yet how much time are we really spending with them? Technology is pretty much taking over, so while we are sitting next to our parents, siblings, friends, we really are just focusing on what’s new on Instagram or Twitter, what the celebrities are up to at that moment, or what new movie, show, or song has come out to play. And to be completely honest, I am definitely one of those at times.


This Thanksgiving, I want things to be a little different, at least for me. I am going to actually spend time with my family, and not only physically be there, but mentally as well. I’m going to get to know them even more than I already do, because you never completely know a person, (there is always something new to find out).


I am so thankful, grateful, that I am able to choose, that I have an option, a choice of any sorts, because a lot of people don’t.

Everyone should really put things into perspective and change some priorities. Be thankful that you have a home, and food to eat. Spend time with your family, and love them as much as you can, because you are lucky, so very lucky that you have family. Not everyone has a home, and not everyone has a family. Don’t regret not spending enough time with them. Things could drastically change in a minute, and trust me when I say, that you don’t want this hanging over your head, regret is a horrible thing to live with.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving! Be happy, grateful, eat a lot, and enjoy all of the time that you can with your family. Oh yeah, and have fun shopping tomorrow!

P.S. Thanksgiving outfit will be up tomorrow!




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