DWTS – Fish Upon A Star

If you haven’t seen the finale for DTWS, and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT continue reading.


The real question is: Was there ever any doubt that Jordan was going to win?


Before I start gushing over how much I am in love with Jordan, I would like to say, that I truly commend Frankie Muniz & Lindsay Stirling for their hard work and dedication all season long. I said from the first episode, that I thought Jordan, Lindsay & Frankie were going to be in the top 3. They gave each other a run for their money week after week, dance after dance, and it was a true pleasure to watch them participate in DWTS.

3rd Place goes to – Frankie Muniz


Frankie, Frankie, Frankie! When he was first announced as a contestant, I thought he wasn’t going to be that good of a dancer, but boy was I wrong! Every single week he gave me one surprise after another, and I was rooting for him as well. I mean he did have Whitney as a partner. She is not only tough, but she is caring and is in it to win yes, but to also have fun. I think she showed Frankie a good time.

Frankie Muniz on Dancing with the Stars Courtesy ABC

His recreation dance was absolutely amazing. This one was one of my favorites, and I was so happy that Witney’s skirt didn’t get caught this time around!

Seeing Frankie grow throughout the season was incredible. I saw him become more confident right before my eyes. And even though he was 3rd Place, I admire him more after watching DTWS. Now I can’t wait to see him and Jordan go on tour with the cast!

Lindsey Stirling is the Runner Up


If I am going to be completely honest, when I first saw Lindsey, I really had no idea who she was. But there was just something about her that made me like her more and more. Mark & Lindsey made a wonderful team! I was so glad that he came back, because he always makes his dances fun with props and costumes. I hope he’ll be there next season!


Now, their recreation dance was one of my favorite dances ever in the history of DWTS. It was fun, lighthearted and upbeat. A typical Mark Ballas performance.

She was only runner up, but I know that everyone considers her a winner as well. Each and every week, Lindsey experienced new things and learned that it is okay to love yourself. I feel that after her time on the show, she will be more confident of a woman and learn to love herself a little more. She has an amazing talent, and I am just dying to go to one of her concerts!

The Winner of The Mirror Ball is…

Jordan Fisher


Like I mentioned at the beginning, did anyone else really think Jordan wasn’t going to win?

His partnership with Lindsay was amazing. I admired how much they loved and cared for each other day after day. Both were so hardworking and dedicated every step of the way. I feel that not only Jordan deserved to win, but so did Lindsay. She is an amazing coach, and dancer, and has such a beautiful soul. This season, no one else but Lindsay Arnold deserved it.


Now that this season of DTWS is over, I will anxiously be awaiting the next season. But first? The Bachelor Season 22 on New Years Day!

Did you guys agree with Jordan & Lindsay winning the Mirror Ball?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!




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