A Bad Moms Christmas

If you loved Bad Moms, then you will definitely adore A Bad Moms Christmas!

I am not one to give spoilers, especially when it comes to movies. So all I really have to say, is that this movie is definitely a must see!


From beginning to end there was always something going on, no downtime, boring scenes did not exist in this movie. This movie had it all, laughter, romance, drama. Everything you look for in a movie, especially when you’re having a girls night out!

Mila Kunis as Amy, so witty, funny, and likable.

Kristen Bell as Kiki, so naive yet funny and sweet.

Kathryn Hahn as Carla, so eccentric, dirty minded and sometimes overly dramatic.


And then you can’t forget the Grandmoms who decided to crash the party this Christmas, and the reason the bad moms go a little crazy!

Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski & Cheryl Hines all did an amazing job playing the moms/grandmas. So funny and sarcastic. This combination is truly one that should be on the big screen again.


I really loved this movie, and all of the actors/actresses that were apart of it. Have a night out and go see this movie, trust me when I say you really won’t regret it.

(Click Image below to purchase your tickets)





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