Fall [not] in Miami

Fall doesn’t really exist in Miami.

We don’t see leaves changing colors, the weather becoming cool, and the smell of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon in the air.

Because of that, it’s really hard to find an in between when it comes to fashion, especially considering the fact that I am the type of girl that wants to enjoy every single season, whether it be the hottest day in summer or the coldest day in winter. So it’s extremely hard not to really have all 4 seasons where I have been residing almost all of my life.

I am always having to invent my outfits in order to be comfortable in the Miami weather, as well as try to represent the current “season” at the moment. I mean come on everyone knows that fall/winter fashion is always amazingly gorgeous, colors, styles, material, all of it.

The most exciting time is when the weather goes down to 60°.

I know, I know, that’s pretty pathetic right?

(I can’t reiterate this enough) Because I live in Miami, when Fall begins, its still hot out, so I try to make my outfit have a summer/fall feel, as you’ll see below.

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Fall in Miami ☕️🍁🍂

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I put together, a burgundy sleeveless turtle neck, shorts, and brown sandals. It matches, I am using fall colors, and I’m still comfortable enough to walk around in the heat.

If you click the images below, you are able to find the same thing I’m wearing, where I bought them, and for what I think to be a reasonable price.

Sleeveless Turtleneck



Does anyone have the same issue? What styles do you like to put together? Do you prefer to have the 4 seasons, or would you be okay with Summer all 12 months of the year?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Fall [not] in Miami

  1. I wish we had seasons. People complain about the cold and I’m sure we would too if we lived up north, but since we don’t, I’m going to say that I wish we had seasons. I love fall fashion and I love the idea of wearing a cute outfit with black tights. We don’t get to do that here and I wish we could… especially because though I live in Miami, I never go to the beach and my legs are white.

    Anyway, awesome post. You turn every crappy situation into a good one and I love you for it.


  2. Lisa prefers the winter. (*Note: Lisa is referring to herself in third person because of the iPhone bug problem not allowing people to use first person point of view.) Lisa feels more comfortable around this time to be able to wear fashionable outfits. Less sweating. Lisa also loves all things Christmas and nice long walks by the icy shores.

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