The Bachelorette 13 Finale

I know, I know! I am extremely late with this, but the holidays are near, my blog just recently became live, and no one got to listen to what I had to say about this finale!

Although it has been a few months, I have a lot of thoughts towards it.

So, I just re-watched the finale because why not?

Seeing Rachel say goodbye to Peter was really tough even watching it for the 2nd time.

It was especially tough for me because even though Reality Steve said that her choice was going to be Bryan, I thought with all of my heart that maybe he was wrong, and she was going to choose Peter. No offense to Bryan, I just thought that she was scared of what her relationship with Bryan could bring. Rachel always said that he was too good to be true. Maybe outside of the show, he wasn’t going to act the same.

Now that I look back, all signs pointed toward Bryan since Day 1. Their connection was strong from the start, undeniable, and very special.


I am in no way taking away what she had with Peter. It was also something very special.


And yes, I do think she was falling in love with him as well.

However, that brings us to the biggest factor of all. The reason she chose Bryan. Not only was she already in love with him, but he was also very much ready to get married and start a family with her, no doubt about it.

Many people thought she made the wrong choice, but in my opinion as long as she is happy, she made the right choice. Because the only choice that matters is the one she felt in her heart was the choice for her.

Now that many months have passed, do you think Rachel made a good choice? Are you happy for her? Are you ready for Bachelor to start again?!

Let’s discuss in the comments below.



One thought on “The Bachelorette 13 Finale

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