A baby is on da way!

Congrats to Sean & Catherine for baby number 2!


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I am so excited for them!

Catherine & Sean have been a couple that I have loved since the very beginning, since I saw Sean’s Season of the Bachelor. Watching how they fell in love, how they maintained their relationship and how it continues to grow, is inspiring for everyone that believes in true love.

Remembering how they first met, you really didn’t think that Catherine would have been the one. Sean was interviewed a few months after the show ended, he confessed that he really didn’t notice Catherine until almost half way through, but once it happened, there was no going back. That makes me hopeful that when you least expect it, you can find that one person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with.

Now that they have Samuel (Baby Numbaa 1) there family was pretty much complete.

They had that baby they were waiting for. But because Sean and Catherine adore children, (and they don’t want Samuel to be an only child), they are now excitedly expecting their 2nd Child.

Recently Sean had an interview with People Magazine in which he said that he’s hoping it’s a girl to have the little pair. But the truth is, whatever the baby is, boy, girl, they are going to be truly loved, by Sean, Catherine, Samuel and by Bachelor Nation of course!

I wish them all the happiness in the world as well as for Catherine to have a smooth beautiful pregnancy!




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