Singing to the Finals!

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but if you didn't watch last nights episode and you do not want to be spoiled, DO NOT continue reading! And then there were 4! I cannot believe that they eliminated half of the contestants last night. What I really can't believe is who moved on … Continue reading Singing to the Finals!


Moviezz for the Holidazee

CHRISTMAS IS NEAR! I say this while screaming to the top of my lungs, listening to Christmas Music and wearing a Santa hat 😉 This makes me extremely happy, and since we are already half way in, I have already seen about, well tooo many Christmas movies to even keep count. So I'm going to … Continue reading Moviezz for the Holidazee

29 Girls – 1 Bachelor – 2 crazy months !

Season 22 is not far away, and with that the 29 contestants have been leaked! Let's meet the 29 women who will be vying for Arie's heart:   Amber Age: 29 Occupation: Business Owner Hometown: Denver, Colorado   Annaliese Age: 32 Occupation: Event Designer Hometown: San Francisco, California   Ashley Age: 25 Occupation: Real Estate … Continue reading 29 Girls – 1 Bachelor – 2 crazy months !

2 Down, 7 more to go!

I really don't like to spoil things for people, so IF you have not watched The Voice this week, DO NOT continue reading!  Who else is just as amazed as I am of last's night episode & elimination on The Voice? Let me start by saying that Portugal The Man has an amazing hit and … Continue reading 2 Down, 7 more to go!

Tis’ my fave time of year

The turkeys have been put away, and the Christmas trees have been brought out! I am so very excited that December has arrived. It will forever be my favorite month of the year! Unfortunately, since I live in Miami, the weather is not one to change drastically; however that really doesn't stop me from trying … Continue reading Tis’ my fave time of year

Why Janice? Why?

I really hope everyone was able to watch The Voice this week, and if you didn't, DO NOT CONTINUE READING!  Monday night was ahhhmazzingggg! But that didn't stop people from continuously voting the wrong people off the show. Last nights episode started out great. The first 2 contestants to get saved were Chloe Kohanski & … Continue reading Why Janice? Why?

In [preparation to] Meet Satan A.K.A. IMS Part 2 of PMS

Men have reverse PMS. Unlike women, they're cranky 28 days out of the month. ― Sherrilyn Kenyon         Men having PMS, something that's completely laughable. I mean does that really exist? The answers is: Yes, ladies, even men can fall victim to hormone fluctuations; but for obvious reasons it's not called PMS. It's … Continue reading In [preparation to] Meet Satan A.K.A. IMS Part 2 of PMS

Count your Blessings & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving All! I am so ashamed to even admit this, but to me, (up until last year), Thanksgiving was just a holiday in which I got to eat yummy food and enjoy sweet desserts. But, believe it or not, I have changed since last Thanksgiving, and I have realized that yes, we get to … Continue reading Count your Blessings & Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

DWTS – Fish Upon A Star

If you haven't seen the finale for DTWS, and don't want to be spoiled, DO NOT continue reading. The real question is: Was there ever any doubt that Jordan was going to win? Before I start gushing over how much I am in love with Jordan, I would like to say, that I truly commend … Continue reading DWTS – Fish Upon A Star

Thankful for Makeup

Since Thanksgiving is near, I figured many of you pretty girls are thinking about what to do in regards to makeup on this day. Let me start by saying that Thanksgiving is definitely not the day to experiment when it comes to makeup. Don't try to be outrageous, and don't do something that will take … Continue reading Thankful for Makeup